Date: 08/08/2020
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Crocodile Words

by Dex Quire (April 2011)

“My name is Joffrey Simpson O’Day!”

He introduced himself like that everywhere----at Sunbreak City University, Clearhaeuser Timber Company, Dayfresh House, at Theodore Roethke Writers’ House and to Fontina, the woman he wanted as a girlfriend. He hoped others saw him as he saw himself: cheerful, tallish, broad-shouldered, long-haired, smiling, chipped-toothed, bobbing slightly----happy to be living in Sunbreak City. If they didn’t, oh well. Joffrey couldn’t worry about them. You came to the big city to do big things, to do what you wanted, to see if living and dreaming really had anything to do with each other.  more>>>