Date: 21/09/2020
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The Academic Whoring Ater Arab Money Hardly Ends With LSE

Why not investigate Saudi money, and Saudi oversight, of the Islamic centers at the universities of Exeter and Durham?

Why not investigate exactly how -- what was the funding, when was it offered, by whom, to whom, for exactly what? -- Tariq Ramadan obtained his well-upholstered chair at Oxford?

Why not find out who -- what Saudis -- now finance John Esposito's Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown, the one he started with money from a rich Lebanese contractor, presumably Christian, but that now is propped up by Saudi money?

Why not investigate the sources of funds for the late James Akins, sometime American ambassador to Saudi Arabia? Former diplomat Eugene Bird? And Mrs. Bird, with her little Jerusalem project? Why not find out  about all the former British diplomats who have for decades been promoting the Gulf Arabs, and the Arabs, and the Muslims, and of course dispensed freely with their wisdom that Israel's rights, Israel's claims, must be ignored, for it is the Arabs and their oil money that matters - - because, you see, it matters so much to them.

Just between you and me, it's much bigger than LSE.