Date: 28/10/2020
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Turning the times tables

No wonder the teaching unions don’t want Michael Gove’s reforms to history teaching. Facts and the evidence of those who were there are the very devil when you are trying to rewrite history in a politically correct image. From Esmerelda's excellent account of Margaret Thatcher's funeral.

Indeed, but perhaps the fact-haters will be hoist with their own made-up petard. Steerpike in The Spectator:

Michael Gove has been denounced by the National Union of Teachers for suggesting that nine-year-olds should be taught to memorise poetry and multiplication tables. Alex Kenny, of the NUT’s executive, declared, ‘I’m tempted to perform a citizen’s arrest on Michael Gove for crimes against the state.’ Michael himself is said to be sanguine about the threat. ‘For the arrest to be legal,’ says a chum at the education department, ‘Mr Kenny would have to recite the police caution from memory.’