Date: 24/09/2020
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Is that a gun in your pocket?

Time was when the British Bobby on the Beat made do with a truncheon and a helmet. As for the WPC, she had to make do with a big shtick. But now they're biting the bullet. From the BBC:

An armed police officer who had sex on duty was not sacked because an appeals panel said it was similar to "a tea break", it has emerged.

PC Shaun Jenkins, 36, was carrying a gun when he met the married woman in a house in Caerphilly in 2010.

Not Caerphilly enough.

They had consensual sex, with his gun still around his ankles.

An appeals tribunal report concluded "it was the sort of delay that will occur if an officer goes to the toilet or into a cafe to buy a cup of tea".

Gwent Police had initially dismissed PC Jenkins for gross misconduct but he was later reinstated.

The tribunal ruled PC Jenkins could still reach his gun because it was in its holder attached to the belt of his trousers, which were around his ankles.

A report into his conduct found the act did not pose a risk to public safety because he could have been back on duty "within a minute or two".

An unforgiving minute, a New York minute or a Northern Line minute?