Date: 27/10/2021
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The “Neocon Cabal”: Its Roots and Resonances

by Sam Bluefarb (January 2014)

By Way of Introduction

The following essay was written some time early in the first term of the George W. Bush administration (2001-2009) when, because of their disproportionate influence on that administration, neo-conservatives (or neo-cons) were the unremitting targets of liberal / progressive critics. Lost in that swirling controversy was the profound historical fact that, long before neo-conservatives evolved into a so-called “movement,” most were leftists, made up of ex-Stalinists, a mixed bag of affiliated and unaffiliated socialists, social democrats, and ex-Trotzkyists who, in their new role, became the most active  nucleus of the “neo-con cabal,” closely identified with their seminal periodical, Partisan Review (1937-2003).  more>>>