Date: 21/10/2020
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Muslims Target Teachers In Southern Thailand

The Jihad goes on everywhere there are Muslims. Sometimes it takes the form of aggressively putting down roots in non-Muslim lands, and exploiting the naivete, unwariness, and cravenness of the locals to force acceptance of Muslim demands. Sometimes it takes the form of merely outbreeding, in deliberate fashion, the locals, secure in the knowledge that those non-Muslim locals will avert their eyes, think there is nothing to be done, and continue to offer all kinds of support for the gigantic Muslim families -- health care, education, housing subsidies, family allowances -- support that had been set up and intended for the poorer members of the society, not for aggressive and permanently hostile invaders.

In Thailand, there are enough Muslims, and the government sufficiently weak, for the Jihad to take on a violent form. The terrorism is directed at Buddhist monks, at farmers, and at teachers.

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