Date: 21/10/2020
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Update and Correction: Police Say Allegations of Attack Upon Soldier Now Dropped

Updating and correcting this story:


'Sydney, Australia. Uniformed ADF Soldier Attacked by "Men of Middle Eastern Appearance".

Channel Nine news, and others (eg the Daily Mail) are now reporting that the allegations have been dropped.  ( I also see, by the by, that the soldier involved was not strictly speaking a soldier - an infantryman - but a sailor, a naval officer; the ABC report I discussed here yesterday did not mention that particular detail).

See here:

'Update: Assault Allegations Dropped in Navy Officer Attack Claim".

'Police investigating a claim that an Australian navy officer was assaulted by two men who threatened to cut his throat in Sydney's north-west yesterday morning have announced the allegations have been dropped.

'Despite the withdrawal, police will continue to examine the circumstances that led to the allegation being brought to their attention.

So what happened? The sailor was all on his own, he met nobody, nobody threatened him, and he made up a story out of whole cloth?  WHY?  For god's sake, WHY?  Or was he "pranked" - or even worse, "dared" - by colleagues or "friends" who should have known better?  Those are the only possibilities I can think of, if it was not a real attack.  Either way, this little affaire - if it was some kind of hoax - is incredibly damaging.  What happens if the police, having been embarrassed by a hoax, refuse to respond to or investigate a real attack because they think it might be another hoax? -  CM

'Chief of Defence Mark Binskin has this afternoon apologised to the Middle Eastern community (which means, in reality, the Muslims; for I'm sure nobody believed for a minute that an attack of this kind on an Aussie soldier would be perpetrated by, for example, Australian Jews or Copts - CM) for any angst the allegation caused.

"On behalf of the Australian Defence Force, I would like to apologise to the Australian community and, in particular, the Middle Eastern Community for any angst that this has caused" he said.

'In response to officers being told to use their judgement when considering going out in uniform, he said they needed to make an assessment depending on the situation.

"They know through commonsense where they should wear uniform and where it might not be right to wear uniform.

?? Where in Australia can it possibly be deemed "not right" for a person to wear Australian Defence Force uniform?  If it's good enough to wear in the Cathedral; if it's good enough to wear in front of the Queen or the Governor-General (and I am sure that both those cases apply); then it should be good enough - subject to the usual etiquette or protocols, such as the distinction between ordinary and "dress" uniform - to wear anywhere in the country, at any time.  If there is anywhere in the country that an Australian Defence Force officer in uniform must assume he will not be welcome; if there is any part of the country that he must, in effect, approach as if it were Enemy Territory or, indeed a war zone -  a location where he should reasonably expect to be physically attacked if he enters it whilst in the uniform of his country - then there is something very, very wrong. - CM

"They're proud of the uniform that we wear. They're proud of what we do globally, day in and day out, but they are aware of the situation, they're not immune to what's going on, and they continue to keep an eye on their surroundings."

"The situation".  "What's going on".  Let's translate.  Global Jihad: which is waged not only by the likes of Islamic State, but by Fifth Columnists - the Muslim colonies now established, entrenched and expanding all over the Dar al Harb, the Region of War.  The Jihad is back, as Conor Cruise O'Brien put it in a memorable article in 1995, an article that has not dated one iota.  Uniformed Infidel soldiers, uniformed  Infidel police officers, represent the military and law enforcement of Infidel states - which states are deemed illegitimate in the eyes of all fully-instructed Muslims; and they are therefore going to be attacked.  That one sailor in Sydney, for whatever bizarre reason, has cried wolf, ought not to remove the impression left by the Muslim jihadi bushwhacking of Lee Rigby in London, or by Mohammed Merah's attacks upon French soldiers in France. - CM

'The 41 year old sailor told police he was in full uniform when he was assaulted at Bella Vista at 6.30 am yesterday.

'He allegedly suffered minor bruising in the attack.

'The men were described as being of Middle Eastern appearance.

'Defence last week raised the alert level at all its bases and establishments after the national terrorism public alert level was increased to high."