Date: 28/10/2020
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Myanmar Tries To Preserve Itself, And Burmese Buddhism

For many decades Muslim Bengalis have been streaming into Burma. In the 1950s these Muslim immigrants massacred, on several occasions, the Buddhist Burmese in whose country they had settled; these massacres are remembered in Myanmar, but hardly known outside of Burma. These Muslims from what was then East Pakistan renamed themselves the Rohingya, and like the "Palestinians" gave themselves a fictional history for political purposes. The Burmese of today, having endured a lot, and observed the behavior of Muslims not only in their own country but in other non-Muslim countries, and without any of the inhibitions that now so dangerously constrain the peoples of Western Europe from dealing effectively and decisively with their own Muslim immigrants, whose aggressive attempts to promote Islam, and refusal to accept the laws and customs of the Infidels, have lead to such anguish for the indigenous peoples.

Here's what the people of Myanmar propose, intelligently, to do.Other steps being considered have been discussed at NER here.