Date: 24/10/2020
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Australia: Pakistani Muslim "Refugee" and Illegal Immigrant Shows His Gratitude By Preying Upon Infidel Aussie Women

Fortunately, however, he has not yet been able to lie his way into Aussie citizenship and can therefore be - after having served a suitable jail term - deported.  Report from Joan Kennedy of the ABC.

"Illegal Immigrant Detained For Assaulting Women in His Car When They Refused Him Sex".

'An illegal Pakistani immigrant (that is, an illegal Pakistani Muslim immigrant, judging from his name, which fortunately is provided so we can see exactly what he is - CM) remains behind bars, accused of detaining women in his car at night and assaulting them when they refused to have sex with him.

'Musarat Hussein, 25, fronted a Sydney court on Sunday, crying hysterically and threatening self-harm, saying he wanted to be sent home to Pakistan.

Of course he's decided he wants to go back to Pakistan after all (after previously spun a "refugee" sob story, as we will discover below).  Because he's now found out that he can't do in Australia what he doubtless knew he could do in Pakistan.  In Pakistan as a Muslim male he can with total impunity harass and rape infidel females of any age - females from the remnant Christian, Hindu and Sikh indigenous minority populations.  Muslim males in Pakistan, in one particularly ghastly case documented by the Barnabas Fund, gang-raped a seven year old Christian girl.  Think of that: what kind of men - if one is going to call them "men" - gang-rape a seven-year-old??  But that isn't the worst that has happened; there was also a case of a two year old Pakistani Christian girl, a mere toddler, gang-raped by Muslim males.  She survived and is now in Canada, but she was appallingly physically damaged.  And we all know what Pakistani Muslim males have been doing to young, young girls in the UK, over the past 20 years and more; largely with impunity, alas. due to the local infidel authorities having been corrupted, coopted and confused. However, this predator in Australia has, fortunately, been foiled, and arrested, and will I hope get - after a suitable jail term just to make the point that in Australia we disapprove severely of abduction, assault, sexual harassment and attempted rape - his declared wish: the boot, back to miserable mostly-Muslim Pakistan. - CM

'Police told the court he was a Pakistani refugee (refugee from what?  Balochi Muslim, perhaps?  I don't care what his sob story is, because he's abused our hospitality by behaving in Australia as waaay too many Muslim males behave toward infidel women, the world over - CM) who had overstayed his bridging visa, which expired in August, and was currently considered an "unlawful person in Australia".

Indeed he is. Give him the boot! Give him the boot! He should have gotten the boot the instant it was found he had overstayed his visa. For the sake of women like my 21 year old and 16 year old daughters, I don't want men like him in Australia.  We don't need to import hordes of mohammedthugs whose cult teaches them - nay, encourages them! - to abuse and prey upon non-cult women. At least our home-grown infidel rapists know they're going against law and morality and don't think they have a divine right to rape anything that isn't in a hijab. - CM

'In court documents, police allege he actively went out "looking for vulnerable females late at night [whom] he could exploit for sexual gratification".

'There were two such instances in the past fortnight with women detained by him in Sydney's east.

Attempted abduction/ kidnapping. Nasty. Maybe he's been fired up and inspired by the recent exploits of Boko Haram and Islamic State. - CM

'Court documents said "on both occasions the accused has used violence towards his vicitms to keep them inside the vehicle".

'His first victim was an oncology nurse who was on her way to Prince of Wales Hospital for the night shift.

'Police said she was "reluctantly" persuaded to get into his car and show him the way to Randwick when he asked for directions.

'He then went the wrong way and she sent a group text to friends, saying "I'm in a stranger's car, it's a bit scary".

'Hussein is accused of then asking the woman for sex, offering $300 and saying "please help me", while making masturbation gestures.

'When the woman refused, the man allegedly kept driving, ignoring her screams for help.

'He then unbuttoned his pants and she managed to unlock the door and jump out but he tried to drag her back.

'Eventually witnesses heard her screaming that he was trying to "rape" her and came to her aid.

Why the sneer quotes around the word "rape", ABC journalist?  Aren't we, on balance, supposed to assume a woman is telling the truth if she says a man - a total stranger whose car she had unwisely entered - was trying to rape her??   And if the quotes are there because it's what she said, then why not quote the whole sentence, so we can see that it's her words? -  CM

'Police said the second incident happened on Saturday when he allegedly dragged a 20 year old woman into his car at Randwick and slapped her across the face when she tried to break away.

Put him in jail for a while, to make the point that in Australia we regard abduction, assault and rape as evil and criminal. Then send him back to Pakistan and frankly, it sounds like he needs his backside kicked before he gets on the plane. - CM

'Three passengers in a taxi that was driving past saw what was happening and stopped to help.

It is deeply heartening that on both of these occasions the woman was helped - indeed, rescued - by chivalrous passersby.  St George and St Michael are alive and well in Eastern Sydney, it appears. - CM

'Hussein was refused bail, with police saying he was a "flight risk", that the offences were "extremely serious", and he posed an "unacceptable risk to the community".

He should never have been let into Australia in the first place.  Nor should any other identifiable Muslim, no matter what their claimed and well-practised sob story. Far too many other Muslims have, like Hussein, gotten in on a sob story and then proceeded to abuse our hospitality.  For example, we hear all about how the poor, poor Hazara Muslims have been persecuted in Afghanistan, and yes they are persecuted there, being Shiites in a Sunni-majority entity, Australia, they flip into Muslim vs Infidel mode, and Hazara Muslims have been caught preying upon Infidel underage girls; as well as practising domestic abuse and forced/ underage "marriage" amongst themselves.  Just one Mr Musarat Hussein tooling around Aussie suburbs of an evening trying to abduct and rape infidel uncovered meat - and doing so, it may reasonably be supposed, out of the misogyny and sense of entitlement inculcated by the cult to which he belongs -  is one too many.  It is Muslims as such - members of the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob, followers and imitators of the cult-leader, caravan-raider, warlord-and-slave-raider and slave-trader and rapist of captive women, Mohammed - who represent, because of the inimical character of the ideology to which they subscribe, an unacceptable risk to Australia, to every non-Muslim here present. If we do not want more non-Muslim women and girls being preyed upon as Musarat Hussein's victims were preyed upon, or worse; if we do not want, down the track, to find that thousands upon thousands of Aussie non-Muslim girls are suffering at the hands of Muslim male rape-and-pimp gangs what non-Muslim girls in the UK and Netherlands, for example, have already suffered; then we have to put a stop to Muslim immigration; and I would also refuse to grant citizenship to any Muslim, already present, who has not yet obtained it. Residency only; so that if they put a toe out of line, they can be removed. -  CM

'He will return to court on December 12.'

And, to repeat, after having been convicted, sentenced, and jailed for a suitable period of time, he must be deported, no nonsense. - CM