Date: 21/10/2020
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Sydney, Australia: In Honour of Tori Johnson, Who Saw A Chance and Took It; He Died In Fight with the Jihadi But Others Lived

As reported in the first paragraph of this story about the jihad terror attack on a cafe in Sydney.

"Martin Place Cafe Siege: Police Storm Cafe and Kill Gunman "Sheik" Man Haron Monis.

"The manager of the Lindt cafe who was fatally shot in the Martin Place siege is being praised as a hero, responsible for allowing others trapped in the cafe to escape.

"Tori Johnson, 34, was wrestling a gun from hostage-taker Man Haron Monis when he was killed.

"It is understood the cafe manager decided to take action when the gunman began to doze off after the siege had been ongoing for 17 hours.

This was in the wee sma' hours of the morning, Sydney time. - CM

"He lunged at the hostage-taker's weapon, allowing others to flee.

"he was one of two hostages killed in the siege, with 38 year old lawyer Katrina Dawson also fatally shot.


The Telegraph UK has a slightly different account with a little more detail.

'Victims of Sydney Siege Hailed as Heroes After They Die Protecting Hostages'

'A mother of three and a man who bravely tried to fight off the gunman to save other hostages have been named as the two victims of the Sydney siege.

'Katrina Dawson, 38, a successful barrister and mother of young children, and Tori Johnson, the 34 year old manager of the Lindt cafe, were killed as police made a daring attempt to free those still held at the Martin Place shop,..

"Mr Johnson has been hailed as a hero after it emerged he had taken the opportunity to wrestle the gun from the 50 year old self-styled Iranian preacher [sic - Muslim jihadi - CM] after he began to doze off in the early hours.

I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Johnson had been aware of this possibility, and had been watching and waiting his chance. . - CM

'Around 2 am local time, at least six people believed to have been held captive in the cafe managed to flee after gunshots were heard coming from inside after a struggle between  Mr Johnson and Monis.

'Police then moved in ,with heavy gunfire and blasts from stun grenades echoing from the building.

'Ms Dawson, a respected barrister from Eighth floor Selborne Chambers, whose offices are opposite the cafe, was said to have been killed in the ensuing firefight while protecting pregnant friend and colleague Julie Taylor, whom she had been meeting for a coffee...".

Ordinary heroes.  

I will be keeping my eyes open in case any further details emerge. 

Memo to the jihadis. You think we infidels, whether western or from beyond the west, are soft and weak, helpless prey.   And some of us are.  But not all.  And you are going to start running up against those who represent the 'not all' - many of whom may initially look like prey, but are not - more and more, as time goes on. - CM