Date: 22/10/2020
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The Fourth Geneva Convention Calumny against Israel

Swiss Ambassador Paul Fivat

Source: EPA


If the EU court rulings on Hamas and the European Parliament vote on “in principal” recognition of a Palestinian state weren’t enough ‘gifts’ on Hanukkah for Israel, there was  the third calumny. That was    the approval of a declaration by the Geneva Convention Conference stigmatizing Israeli ‘Occupation”  and “illegal settlements” in the West Bank.  See our Iconoclast post yesterday, “Sound an Alarm this Hanukkah”.

 The Geneva Convention, an outgrowth of a Swiss initiative in the 19th Century, had been negotiated with 196 nations following WWII. The Conventions endeavored to codify “the standards of international humanitarian law in time of war and occupation.”  The objective of the Geneva Conventions was to “limit the barbarity of war and protect those who do not take part in the fighting (civilians, medics, aid workers) and those who can no longer fight (wounded, sick and shipwrecked troops, prisoners of war).”

Why Israel was singled out for this latest Geneva Convention conference rather the Sunni Muslim extremist Islamic State, which has clearly violated the Convention in its barbaric treatment of civilians and prisoners, is mind numbing, yet clearly political.   To the Palestinians, their supporters in the Arab League and the member states of Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the barbarity of their Sunni brothers of the Islamic State is of no moment.  It’s about Jewish Israel willfully defending itself against such violators of the Conventions like Hamas and the PA PLO-Fatah Al Aqsa Brigade in both Gaza and the West Bank.  Very Orwellian. Clearly, Europe has forgotten its post-Shoah obligation in support of the Jewish nation. Given the rise of Antisemitism, largely driven by accommodation of burgeoning European Muslim émigré communities’, yesterday’s outcome in Geneva was predictable.  The ‘presumptive ‘state of Palestine’ hypocritically acceded to the Conventions in early April 2014, after 25 years seeking membership.

Israel severely criticized  and boycotted yesterday’s proceedings on the grounds that Palestine is not a universally recognized state, “complicating possible peace talks”. The Jewish nation had the support of both Canada and the US.  

Israel Hayom reported “Geneva Convention signatories call on Israelis, Palestinians to respect humanitarian law”:

At a conference in Geneva, 126 of the 196 parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention sign a declaration emphasizing their "deep concern" about "the impact of the continued occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory and the closure of the Gaza Strip."


The nations that took part in the conference signed a 10-point declaration reaffirming the obligations of both Israelis and Palestinians under international humanitarian law. According to the declaration, "All serious violations of international humanitarian law must be investigated and that all those responsible should be brought to justice."

The declaration does not create new obligations but reiterates some, such as the "need to fully respect the fundamental principles of international humanitarian law," to prohibit "indiscriminate" and "disproportionate" attacks, the targeting of civilian objects and placing military objectives in the "vicinity of civilians and civilian objects. … The signatories 'reaffirm the illegality of Israeli settlements.'


Swiss Ambassador Paul Fivat, who chaired the conference on Wednesday, told reporters afterward the declaration is legally binding on all nations that adopted it.

"This is a signal and we can hope that words count," Fivat said.

Watch Swiss Ambassador Fivat’s comments on this news video:



The  clear-eyed and  usually astute Khaled Abu Tomah offers these comments in a Gatestone Institute article that clearly illustrate the European hypocrisy in honoring the Palestinian requests to throw Israel under the bus, EU Backs Palestinian Dictatorship:


These European parliaments are also turning a blind eye to the fact that, under the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, there is no respect for the rule of law, free speech, transparency or accountability.

These Western parliamentarians are in fact acting against the interests of the Palestinians, who are clearly not hoping for another corrupt dictatorship in the Arab world.

"The situation in Palestine does not conform at all with democracy or the rule of law... Wake up and see the loss of rights, law and security." — Freih Abu Medein, former Palestinian Authority Justice Minister.

"Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas] wants to concentrate all authorities in his hands and the hand of his loyalists. He's acting in a dictatorial way and wants to be in control of everything, especially the finances." — Yasser Abed Rabbo, Secretary General of the PLO.

By turning a blind eye to human rights violations, as well as assaults on freedom of expression, the judiciary and the parliamentary system in the Palestinian territories, Western parliaments are paving the way for a creation of a rogue state called Palestine.

Sic transit ignominia Europa.