Date: 03/08/2020
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Scrooge Comes To His Senses (Alastair Sim) And You Should Too


You know why this is being posted today, a few days before Christmas and before the year, the calendar and the tax year, comes to an end. Perhaps its appearance will prompt you to think about this site, and how you look forward to seeing what's new on its particular rialto.  And ask yourself whether you think it quite right that those who post here should continue to do so, without any recompense, of the kind that pays the health insurance and the utilities bills, year after year, and to be put in a position of having to worry about such things. And just imagine what might be produced by some, among those who post here, were they to be relieved of such anxieties and the need to hold down work of other kinds, that uses up their time and prevents them from giving the matters that NER deals with their full attention.