Date: 19/01/2022
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Gunman fires on Paris synagogue

From News Australia

A bullet fired from an air gun crashed through a window of a Paris synagogue’s office, according to French media reports. The rabbi and his assistant were in the David Ben Ichay Synagogue in Belleville, Paris, when the bullet was fired on Monday night.

French police reportedly are searching for two suspects who were outside the synagogue about 10 minutes before the attack, the JSSNews website reported. There were no reports of any injuries.

The latest attack comes as French Prime Minister Manuel Valls vowed to step up security nationwide following three successive, apparently unrelated bloody attacks.  . . Mr Valls stressed there was no link between the three attacks but the ever-present threat of violence inspired by Islamic extremism has authorities concerned.

In September, the radical Islamic State group urged Muslims around the world to kill “in any manner” those from countries involved in a coalition fighting its jihadists, singling out the French. Among instructions detailing how to kill civilians or military personnel was to “run him over with your car.”

While the motives behind the incidents — a knife attack on police and two car rampages onto passers-by — remain unclear, the violence has jarred nerves after repeated jihadist calls for “lone wolf” action in France over its fight against Islamic extremism.

“Fear over Christmas” titled local daily Le Parisian, while Le Figaro newspaper wrote a front-page editorial headlined “enemies from within.” Sounds like the editor is getting the idea.

On Tuesday, Mr Valls stressed that the three incidents were “distinct”, urging the French to keep their calm and act with restraint while stressing security would be heightened. . . Nevertheless, the government faced criticism it was minimising the threat, at a time when more than 1000 nationals are thought be involved in jihad on home soil, or in Syria and Iraq.

Meanwhile one of the victims of the Nantes attack is so severely injured it was announced tonight that he is clinically dead. Earlier President Hollande said he had died but this information was later revised.