Date: 27/05/2020
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Coptic Family Murdered In Libya:

Story here.

He was a doctor, treating Libyans. His wife was a doctor, treating Libyans. It didn't matter. He was a Copt; so was his wife; and they had daughters, one of them deemed old enough -- she was 13 years old --- to take away, and no doubt to gang rape, and then to dispose of, because she was a Copt and therefore both rapeable and disposable. What has been happening to the Copts in Egypt and Libya, and to theĀ  Chaldeans and Assyrians in Iraq, and to the Armenian and Maronite and Assyrian Christians in Syria, and to Maronites in Lebanon during the Civil War in Lebanon (see Jounieh, see especially Damur) is what used to happen to the Jews in Muslim Arab countries, and would happen to them still, were there still any Jews left to torment, kidnap, murder. And it's what happens too, to the smaller peoples - the Mandeans, the Yazidis -- whose churches and monasteries and libraries of ancient manuscripts have been destroyed, and their women raped and sold into sexual slavery, and the men massacred. Do you still want to pretened it doesn't happen, or that it won't happen, wherever Islam triumphs, and Muslims think themselves powerful enough to behave in such a way? Where is your evidence for that pious hope? How did vast areas of the world, and so many different peoples, once Christian or Jewish or Hindu or Buddhist, succumb, in so many places, to Islam, and what happened to those many different peoples, what became of them? This goes far beyond North Africa and the Middle East. What happened to the Hindus of India under Muslimi rule? Where did the Musliims of Pakistan come from? What happened to the Hindu kingdoms of what is now Indonesia? What will happpen in Western Europe, if people do not take in the evidence, think logically, draw conclusions, act accordingly to protect themselves?