Date: 22/01/2022
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Islamic State praises Sydney siege gunman and calls deaths of Australians a 'blessing'

From the Telegraph

In its monthly English-language Dabiq magazine, the group called the deaths of two hostages at the hands of the Islamist a “blessing” carried out for its "noble cause".

Man Haron Monis stormed Lindt cafe in downtown Sydney earlier this month, holding more than 20 people hostage before it ended in the deaths of barrister Katrina Dawson, 38, and 34-year-old cafe manager Tori Johnson, who were killed as police attempted a rescue.

Monis was a 50-year-old Iranian-born, self-styled cleric with a lengthy criminal history, who had previously practiced Shia Muslim, but had recently converted to Sunni Islam. 

In its latest magazine issue, released on Monday, the Islamic State said Monis had “added his name to the list of Muslims who answered the Khalifah’s call to strike those waging war against the Islamic State wherever they may be.”

The Islamic State had called on followers to kills disbelievers in the West, including Australia, which is home to around one million Muslims.

They wrote that “with ease”, the gunman managed to get hold of a gun and attack the “kuffar (non-believers) where it would hurt them most – in their own lands and on the very streets that they presumptively walk in safety.”

They also praised Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a Muslim convert with a history of mental health problems who shot dead a serviceman guarding Canada’s National War Memorial, as well as Bertrand Nzohabonayo, who stabbed and wounded three police office in France.