Date: 21/10/2020
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The Standard Petition Against the Backlash is Getting Even Faster

by Thomas Samm (January 2015)

A friend once laughed as she told me how her elderly mother had phoned to say she had sent her daughter an email, “so you’ll probably get it by tomorrow morning.” The traditional print media in its electronic form is even quicker than my friend’s now late mother could have imagined. Ready-made self-pitying activist screeds are mechanically cranked out by grown men wanting to yell and wail about their victimhood, even before the most elementary facts of a case have been drawn up in history’s first draft. One “Sydney-based writer and activist,” who faxed over to the British media a long ago-written response to his home city’s siege-murder event, was at the far opposite end of the spectrum to those carefree dumb Sydneyers who took selfies in front of an ongoing scene of kidnap and murder.  more>>>