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Thursday, 31 December 2009
Richard Rubenstein: Jihad and Genocide

a review by Bat Ye'or (January 2010)

n Jihad and Genocide, Richard Rubenstein discusses and clarifies the most important issues of this century. Having written a number of books on the political and cultural processes that led to the genocide of the Jews in World War II, he now detects in jihad the same dynamic targeting Israel.

Most Westerners ignore the meaning of dhimmitude and Islam’s dichotomous division of the world into dar al-Islam (the land of Islam) and dar al-Harb (the land of war). Yet those concepts are fundamental pillars of jihad and encompass the entire Islamic worldview. They affect both everyday life and the future of the West, as is evident every time an airline passenger submits to an intrusive search before boarding a flight. In our nuclear age, these concepts will determine the preservation of our freedom and ultimately of humanity’s survival. In reality, today’s jihadist genocidal rage targets more than Israel. It targets the entire civilized world.  more>>>
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4 Jan 2010
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I am very largely in agreement with Bat Ye'or and commentators like Mark Steyn over the "Eurabian" nature of the EU and have written severally about the rise of anti-Jewishness in the EU.  I can't speak for some states in Eastern Europe but in Britain it is not nationalists, but the elites and their allies the imported Muslims who sre anti-semitic and attacks on jewish people are increasing throughout Europe. The Euro-Med agreement gives free immigration into europe for Muslims of North Africa.  The strange thing it is pushed by people like Sarkozy and Milliband, who are bringing persecution on Jewish communities throughout Europe.  There are several examples like France and Malmo, Sweden where Jewish people are routinely physically attcked.
After this agreement then the entry of Turkey with 70 million Muslims, the EU will not be able to control Muslims and Jewish people will be openly persecuted. This is why I have written arguing for liaison committees to be set up for mutual defence of "White" and Jewish communities against this alliance of Western elites and Muslims which is out to destroy our two peoples
Please note that this agreement extends to "occupied Palastine." That means they too have unrestriced rights of immigration into Europe.  The EU want to destroying us and our way of life and want to destroy European Jewish commnities then Israel.
What I did not know was the Euro-Med was including the "occupied Palastine" - the terminology says sit all.  The EU is beginning to surround Israel. rs-to-the-south-oh-didnt-you-know

These should interest you.  The Barcelona agreement now European-Mediterranean Agreement was implemented on 1st January. The first of these links is Euro mediterranean partnership and held in the EU Library.  Few people know about it but then it is only one treachery of many.  It was a secret deal and was only discovered by accident when an immigrant postman in Denmark mistook it for a racist document and his Trades Union called a strike which is covered in the third link.

the firstis official documents in the EU Parliament.
Thisis very important evidence from Vladimir Bukovsky  -

It developed from  -