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Saturday, 2 January 2010
Filming of Islamic procession stopped by Police at the command of a veiled woman.

A reader's comment on another forum lead me to search for this Youtube clip. It was placed there by either the Welsh Branch (Chapter?  whatever they call their subdivisions anyway) of the BNP or an individual Welsh member. Regular readers will know that I have a low opinion of the BNP but that  it was one their members affected by this incident does not detract from how outrageous it is.
I too film and photograph public events on public streets.
That this woman, whoever she is, and I have my theory, can have a member of the public stopped from using his camera just with a word, and a wave of her finger is a sinister attack on our freedom to observe and report.
The event was the procession in Newport Gwent recently at Ashura, to commemorate the death of Imam Hussein and the hands of other of Mohammed's close family in the 8th century. The march was led by Mohammed Asghar who is a member of the Welsh Assembly. Until the first week in December he held his seat as a member of Plaid Cymru the Welsh Nationalists. They told him that in the wake of the Parliamentary expenses scandal he could not employ his daughter as well as his wife on his office team. Natasha Asghar has also stood as a candidate for Plaid Cymru.  Both the Asghars left the party and joined the Conservative Party 3 weeks ago. On the surface this has nothing to do with the march, but  it is interesting background.
As you will see the mourners are filmed processing along, beating their breasts, then a conversation can be heard where a male voice is challenging the photographer as to his reasons for filming. The photographer refuses to stop.  
Several minutes later a young (I would say young from the way she moves) woman comes out from the women's ranks, pulling her scarf up over her face as she does so, speaks to a female officer (said to be a police officer but from her hat badge I say she is a PCSO) and points to the photographer. She has an air of command.
As the veiled woman waits and watches the woman officer orders him to stop filming. When the photographer demands to know what her authority that he cannot film in a public place is she admits that she does not know but will have to look it up.
I would hazard a guess that the veiled woman is Natasha Asghar (her publicity shots show her as slim and I detect a resemblance around the eyes) - possibly the earlier exchange has been reported to her or her father, and  words on the lines of  "My father the Assembly Member wants . . ." carried more weight with the PCSO that they merited.

Judge for yourself. Whatever, the way the PCSO jumped to obey is a matter of no small concern.

Posted on 01/02/2010 11:59 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
3 Jan 2010
Exposing islamic myths

Muhammad did not exist.

Ali did not exist.

Let this be the year we acknowledge what our brilliant historians are discovering and stop treating these myths as if they were real people.  

The culture and rituals that sprung from these myths are quite invalid.

I refer to a marvellous review on this very site about the research done by the Inarah Institute, based in Germany:

2 Jan 2010
Send an emailronan

Ashura in Wales ????   c'est la fin du monde .... 

2 Jan 2010

I do think an investigation is in order.  If the woman who gave that order was in fact that legislator(or her daughter), she should be pursued for abuse of authority.  Also, the officer who bothered the photographer should be prosecuted for unlawful harassment.  This nonsense really does need to stop.  Finally, why is the Conservative Party picking up corrupt cast offs from a Scotish Nationalist Party? 

This whole thing is disgusting at so many levels. 

2 Jan 2010
Hugh Fitzgerald

Jesus Christ.