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Saturday, 2 January 2010
On the ninth day of Christmas

nine ladies dancing. Two ladies and two Morris dancers, spreading themselves very thin.
The Princess of Wales in Villiers Street by Charing Cross. Not Diana who died but the previous Princess of Wales, Alexandra of Denmark who married the eldest son of Queen Victoria after whose death they became King Edwrad VII and Queen Alexandra. A true lady who dealt with her husband's mistresses with dignity.
Princess Louise in Holborn. She was Queen Victoria's fourth daughter - a capable sculptor who maried the Duke of Argyll. The pub is a Victorian gem. Mary and I visited at our most recent AGM but it was too busy to stay long and my attempts to photograph the cut glass and mirrors of each little bar were not a success. The function room upstairs used to be the monthly meet of the Vampire Connexion but I think they have moved on. 
The Morris Dancer in Harold Hill Essex. The Great Spoon of Ilford, a relativley new Wetherspoons pub which commemorates the journey of William Kemp. London or Norwich in 9 days (a wonder), 150 miles Morris dancing all the way.  He came through Ilford and spent the first night at Romford (possibly in the Golden Lion which is the right age) This was in 1599. These days National Express East Anglia do Liverpool Street to Norwich via Colchester a little quicker. Under 24 hours.

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