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Sunday, 3 January 2010
Al-Qaeda target British soldiers returning from Afghanistan

British-based Islamist radicals are targeting Army soldiers - especially snipers - returning from fighting in southern Afghanistan,The Sunday Telegraph has learnt.
In one case, a police armed response unit was called to the home of a sniper last September amid fears he was about to be murdered or abducted by al-Qaeda terrorists.
The Corporal, serving with a Scottish Regiment, was one of a two-man sniping team which shot dead 32 Taliban fighters during a six-month tour of Afghanistan.
The soldier – whom this newspaper has agreed not to name – was temporarily forced to leave home his wife and family after details of his service in Afghanistan were made public.
It can also be disclosed that a second sniper who recently returned home to the Glasgow area received death threats from suspected British-based al-Qaeda sympathisers after his personal details became known.
The threats were deemed so serious that an armed response unit was sent to his home in case terrorists tried to kidnap or kill him or members of his family.
Defence chiefs now see the situation as so serious that they have asked newspapers and broadcasters not to publicise the names or personal details of snipers serving in Helmand or of those who have recently returned.
It is understood that senior commanders believe Army snipers are being specifically targeted because they are often used to seek out and kill Taliban commanders.
A senior defence source said snipers were being targeted because theirs sole role in Afghanistan was to kill.
He added: "Sniping is a cold and calculating art. You have to be prepared to kill someone at a long range who may not be posing any direct threat to you. Every sniper who deploys to Helmand will return with several kills, many will be into double figures and this is something which is not lost on al-Qaeda or their sympathisers. Islamists would see targeting snipers as something is "acceptable" because they are killing a soldier who has killed one of their brothers."

Posted on 01/03/2010 3:10 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
4 Jan 2010
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After recently reading and watching what islam4uk want to do now by marching through Wootton Bassett you must see that they have a forward compromise and thinking in process.

Our snipers are better trained than AL-Q but given time they will be just as tempted and spunky - if they succseed on UK soil in this manner when a serviceman is on leave who`s then winning the hearts and minds award for the General British Public  as the Government certainly aren`t doing this...?

3 Jan 2010

The awakening is slow to come. Just as Islam and its caliphate has no boundaries, this war will eventually be shown to have no boundaries. This fact alone should set the West's immigration policies. but since our representatives no longer represent us, we shouldn't be expecting this to happen any time soon. Government's pipe dreams of no allegiance (except to them), no borders, no tribes, no human nature, no right, no wrong, no good, no evil, are all mush. The evil is coming. The evil is here.

3 Jan 2010

Something in this story does not compute, to me.  So the jihadis intend to try to beard Robin Hood of the long bow in his own home, right in the middle of Sherwood Forest, and kidnap Maid Marian?

Now, threats to British soldiers or to wife and other kin of British soldiers, on British soil, made by Muslims within Britain, should result in instant deportation of said Muslim threateners all the way back home to dar al Islam (specific location - Somalia? Afghanistan? - to be selected by a spin of a roulette wheel).

But it also seems to me that the sniper, or other soldier targeted by such threats, should be quietly instructed to keep his government-issue equipment (and provide suitable training, if necessary, to wife and other kin).

Wannabe Muslim assassin tries to sneak up through the back garden?  Really, who is idiot enough to try to surprise an icily angry Infidel sniper  who has, say, 32 kills in the bag already?  

Let the soldiers do what they're trained for, and if anyone tries to pull what Kurt Westergaard's wannabe assassin tried to pull, well, then there would very soon be fewer jihadis in the UK as well as in Afghanistan.

Gentlemen: fire at will.