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Thursday, 11 November 2010
Muslims against Crusaders - Armistice Day treason.

As Rebecca posted earlier the traitors Muslims Against Crusaders (MAC) announced that they intended to 'Break the silence' by interrupting the Armistice Day observance this morning. They chose, or were allocated a site in Exhibition Road which links the great museums of South Kensington.

Accordingly the English Defence League called an emergency counter demonstration at which all patriot groups were welcome.

I had intended to spend the morning at an event to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the interment of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey which was due to start at Victoria Station. As some of the EDL were gathering in Victoria that seemed like an auspicious place to start. As it happened the Cavell Van that I wanted to see had been at platform 8 yesterday evening but had gone back to its depot by morning. I had a cup of tea and decided to make my way independently to South Kensington.

For those who do not know the area there is a tunnel running from South Kensington Station under Exhibition Road to enable pedestrians to reach each museum with greater ease. Today the tunnel was essential as most of Exhibition Road and the streets which cross it were dug up for major gas repairs. I emerged from one of the stairwells in time to see the Police escorting the EDL through a pedestrian access corridor across the utility work to their designated spot on the corner of Exhibition Road and Princes gate. MAC were opposite, on the corner of the Royal Geographical Society where a statue of the explorer Shackleton looked down on them. I was allowed to take a few photographs of the MAC, who were very noisy, before one of the officers keeping them in their compound told me that I would now have to leave. I then joined the EDL compound.  NER reader Hissing Sid had arrived earlier and had been able to take photographs at closer range which he has supplied for this article.

In our compound the EDL were ranged with flags flying and their backs turned to the MAC.

I initially thought that MAC intended to disrupt an actual Remembrance service, possibly held by one of the museums or Imperial College but they seemed to only want, like spiteful children, to stand spouting hate in public and burning a model poppy, at a time when most people would be standing quietly, contemplating the sacrifices made by our forefathers and those who continue to serve. As there was no bugle or suchlike the two minutes silence was timed by our own watches. I have some video of this below.

At the end of the two minutes silence we turned and drowned out their chants of "British troops burn in Hell".

To paraphrase, they were informed that failing to show respect on such a solemn day put them in a position lower than pondlife, they were reminded that their benefits were paid by us, the British taxpayer, and further reminded that their idol Mohammed led a life of depravity which rendered him unworthy of respect.

Several of the EDL leaders vaulted the barrier in an effort to remonstrate with MAC more closely. They have been arrested and at time of writing I wait to hear what has happened.

After about 10 minutes the police escorted the MAC away from the demonstration area. We remained in out compound for another 20-25 minutes under the observation of a police helicopter. We gave the police, who had a difficult and unpleasant job in babysitting the likes of MAC a round of applause and three cheers for their general good humoured policing of our end of events. Then they opened one barrier and let us out, one at a time; the younger men frisked first.

From the photographs and report in the Sun newspaper the MAC were escorted in via the South Kensington tunnel. They also have a photograph of the burning poppy.

This country is at war - in any other age their actions would rank as treason and would be punished as such.

Photographs by E Weatherwax and H Sid November 2010

Posted on 11/11/2010 10:10 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
12 Nov 2010
Send an emailmichel
In the name of the real G-od, the only One, who gave to us the land of Israel, who defeat our enemies in the past, and will now destroy them forever, Amen !

To lugogo : G-od gives us from the heaven himself with His voice the Torah His holy book to us, He's'our protection for us and those beautiful people who stand with us against the ugly cowards like you, read the prophet Ezechiel we know the end of this story. There's no hope, no mercy for you, everything's gonna be all right, you will see that clearly :)

For all the valiant people of the EDL and co : stay strong, don't be afraid, they are nothing at all, just pray and let the good story begin

Hagit shabess !

12 Nov 2010

I can't believe that this kind of thing is ALLOWED to take place!  Free speech is one thing, but that's beyond a joke.  Can you imagine this happening in a Muslim country?  If people don't like our way of life, they should bog off somewhere else. OUR taxes are paying for the protection of these dangerous people.  It's disgusting.

11 Nov 2010
Send an emailchris

Rambo or Lugo or Mohamud or whatever your name is

You seem pleased because you think that we are being defeated

Its the price of free speech that sometimes we have to listen to somthing that we find repulsive but I'm puzzled as to how you equate that to being defeated.

11 Nov 2010
Send an emailLugo

I'm on the (insane) planet where the enemy is permitted to revile the country's troops and enjoy police protection while doing so.  The mere fact that they are doing so is a sign that you are being defeated right now.  And also that the political establishment sides with the enemy, not with you.

11 Nov 2010
Send an emailJohn P.

Most in the photo appear to be of Pakistani descent, so one wonders why they aren't protesting the latest bombing in Pakistan which so far has killed 18 people.

The utter silence with regards to these atrocities on the part of Muslims makes it seem as though Muslims see each other as being largely worthless.

They kill each other with joyous abandon...

and nary a word of condemnation

11 Nov 2010
Send an emailchris

 Who is me ?

I'm the one without the teatowel.

11 Nov 2010
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The Sunny Never Sets On.....
Or: No Tea Towel Time
Or: Who, Who Are You?
chris and Lugo, methinks you two are merely confusing just who is "you." 
- Sunny Bono, That's Who, World Heath Organization

11 Nov 2010
Send an emailreactionry
Woulda', Coulda', Shoulda'.....
Or: Getting A Leg Up On Islam
Or: Hissing, Dissing & Pissing
       Off "Palestinians"
"Hissing Sid"? - Gotta' love that name. Parenthetically speaking, one hopes that he added some choice catch paraphrases to the exchange. 'Tis time to cry, "No haven!" and let slip the Hound of the Baskervilles.
Don't Piss On My Back And
Tell Me Islam Is Reigning,
Barking Bart,
Barking, Greater London

11 Nov 2010
Send an emailchris

What Planet are you on Lugo - the winners of a war tend not to need police protection - we are not about to be defeated by men wearing tea towels

11 Nov 2010
Send an emailLugo

The fact that the police are protecting these scum from you means you are going to lose this war.