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Thursday, 31 March 2011
It’s Always Later Than You Think

by John M. Joyce (April 2011)

What follows is the full text of a short disquisition given to the Symposium held by NER in the Year of the Occluded Cesspit by Doctor N.E. Mesis, B. Horlog. M. Chr. Ph.D., Permanent (Permanent) Secretary of the Department of Time. It is not often that NER gets to publish such wonderful material from such an illustrious and respected person and we should all be grateful that the good Doctor spared us the time to explain some of the inner workings of his Department. Remember as you listen to him that the Departmental motto is Ab aeterno, ad litterammore>>>

Posted on 03/31/2011 3:06 PM by NER
31 Mar 2011
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Tempus Fudge-It

Or: Rattus Rattus Cometh At Us

True, but Google tries  to thwart us by pointing to:

31 Mar 2011

Y'know, I googled and yahooed "chronovole", and was NOT thwarted.

Rattus egregious temporalis  (Joyce, 1021)

They're everywhere, there and here.

31 Mar 2011
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Time And Relative Dissing In Spades
Dear JMJ,
IMHO we Time Lords have ventured way beyond the final frontier of political correctness while overplaying our hand in attempting to settle your hash by retitling your rehashing, "Retardis."
Who, Who Are You,
Dr. Who
Time waits for no man.
- Odysseus