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Thursday, 31 March 2011
Dr. Aibolit Gives His Opinion On What's Happening In Libya

"??? ???? ??????, ??? ???? ??? ????? "

Very liberally translated -- we're all liberals here, after all:

"It's good that for now it's so bad."

Posted on 03/31/2011 8:41 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
1 Apr 2011
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Who'da' thunk it? -one of the monkeys ordinarily employed here typing out a worst edition of Hamlet failed to properly transcribe "...having naught to do with..."

Slipping On Banana Appeal,


31 Mar 2011
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Dr. Arboreal Gives His Opinion
That "We're All Primates Now"
Or: Money Talks, Bryant Walks
Or: From Labayka To Lubyanka
This is way off topic, having naught with, say, Russian Liberals or the Duma, let alone, Alexandre Dumas or Alexandre Jardin, but, thanks to VN and Fitzgerald, Jardin des Plantes came to mind while hearing on NPR tonight the former owner of the chimp, "Kobe"* state that one of the paintings by the latter appeared to be of  "a woman by a waterfall."
* Kobe, a father of eleven, is kept behind bars because of his "quirk"** of "baby killing" and should not be confused by racists with Kobe Bryant, who, though presumably something of a lady killer, was not convicted of rape in exchange for an apology and a civil settlement.
"quirk" [I believe the words used by Sidney Morris were "one of his quirks"] See also "Blatant shirk"*** and I'll not blatantly shirk my Senatorial responsibilities by failing to note that a trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon you're talking real OPEC money.
- Everett Irksome