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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Why I Wrote These Two Books

by Norman Berdichevsky (June 2011)

Two weeks ago I returned from a trip to Denmark where I visited my son and his family. I also made the trip to publicize my new book, An Introduction to Danish Culture (McFarland Publishing) and was interviewed by Tim Anderson of, a weekly internet video program on different aspects of Life in Denmark. The 10 minute interview can be viewed on their website in early June. The book on Denmark will be available in mid-July,  just a month after the publication here in the U.S. on June 10th by the New English Review Press of The Left Is Seldom Rightmore>>>

Posted on 05/31/2011 3:50 PM by NER
25 Jun 2011
Send an emailJo Pires-O'Brien

Dear Norman:

I enjoyed reading your essay on your motives to write your two latest books, 'An Introduction to Dannish Culture' and 'The Left is Seldom Right'. Since I first visited Denmark I became a great admirer of its modern architecture and design as well as the positive attitude I saw towards the environment. As for the second book, I think it covers a theme that is long overdue, especially the growing prejudice against Israelis among academics. As I Brazilian living in Britain since 1995, one of the things that shocked me in my early days as an immigrant was   the notes posted by academics in the internet to boycot Israelis as academics and PhD students. This plus the boycot to hire academics from the Third World in order to prevent the 'brain drain' in those countries was also part of the agenda of the supposedly 'liberal' left.

15 Jun 2011
Send an emailAllan Levy

Dear Norman,

   It was with great satisfaction and appreciation that I read your introduction to your two new books. In short sentences, you distilled the hipoctracy and mischief the left is playing on the modern world. Can't wait to read the entire work.