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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Australian politician fails to look Islamic gift horse in the mouth

This particular piece of news came out early in May, but I was distracted by other things, and so delayed putting it up, until now.  It seems that the Premier of Queensland, Australia, one Anna Bligh, has not yet learned that when dealing with Muslims, one should be wary of those proffering gifts.  This is because, strictly speaking, there is and can be no such thing as disinterested charity (in the infidel sense of that term) from Muslims toward non-Muslims.  All actions by Muslims are governed by whether they will benefit Muslims/ the Ummah/ the advancement of the power and prestige of Islam.  Muslim 'charity' is supposed to be given to Muslims only; if and when gifts are given to non-Muslims they usually come with strings firmly attached.  A quick read of Surah 48: 29, which states that Muslims are 'ruthless toward the unbelievers, but compassionate toward one another', and of all the other surahs, and hadiths, and discussions of the principle of al-walaa wa al-baraa (loyalty, to Muslims only; enmity, overt or covert, toward non-Muslims) that delineate the attitude - of hostility, of condescension, of aggression and (if under duress, and for expedience) false friendship, that Muslims are taught to deploy toward non-Muslims at all times, would warn Anna Bligh not to take this Emirati 'gift' at face value - CM.

As reported by Australia's ABC:

'Abu Dhabi donates $30 m for cyclone shelters'

'The Emirati state of Abu Dhabi is sending a $30 million donation to Queensland to pay half the cost of building 10 new cyclone shelters in the state's north.

'It will help fulfil a promise first made by former premier Peter Beattie after Cyclone Larry five years ago.

'With Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd (who is Queensland born, and whose electorate is in the city of Brisbane - CM) and Premier Anna Bligh standing by, the United Arab Emirates minister of state, Her Excellency Reem Al-Hashimy, announced the donation in Brisbane today.

Now for a dose of flowery insincerity - CM.

"The outpouring of neighbours helping neighbours, Australians reaching out to their fellow countrymen, is both heart-warming and deeply illustrative of the Australian spirit", she said.  "It is thus motivated that we wish to support your can-do attitude, your ability to pick yourselves up and get on with it."

An attitude, by the way, madame Muslim, that is conspicuous by its absence throughout the lands of dar al Islam...I wonder whether that thought has, once or twice, in the middle of the night, crept into your head? - CM

"Work will begin on the shelters this year once locations are finalised and Ms Bligh says the Queensland Government will match the donation.."

Why could not the Emirates afford to cover the whole sum?  For them, sixty million Australian dollars would be mere chickenfeed. - CM

"The location, as Her Excellency indicated, will now be the subject of consultation with local councils and local communities".

I wonders, yes, I wonders, just how soon the quid pro quo will be demaded; just how soon Queenslanders in various coastal and country towns will discover that there are proposals to build very large mosques in their neighbourhoods, and that if anyone expresses hesitation about those mosques, they will be castigated for their intolerance and could they oppose the building of a mosque, when those nice Emirati sheikhs have been so very, very generous in providing some of the money to cover cyclone shelters? - CM

'Mr Rudd has been drumming up overseas support for investment in Queensland in the aftermath of the summer flood and cyclone disasters.

I don't think I like the idea of Muslim investment in Queensland, or any other part of Australia, at all, at all, at all. Look at what Saudi 'investment' has done to London...- CM

"I've been touched enormously, personally, by the level of interest and concern expressed to me by the foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperative Council about the recent Queensland natural disasters, the floods and the cyclones", he said.

And you believed them?  Mr Rudd, Mr Rudd, you really should not be so naive. They're soft-soaping you, that's all.  They cannot possibly be sincere, given that they are Muslim through and through.  Read the works of J B Kelly and get a clue.  You seem not to know very much about Islam, and about the Gulf States whose glittering exterior conceals a monstrously cruel reality of de facto enslavement, abuse, and outright murder of vulnerable people - Muslim and non-Muslim - from some of the world's poorest countries.  Emirati money is accursed, it is drenched with the blood of slaves, of tormented and degraded Filipino and Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi and Indian maids and labourers.  No Australian with any self-respect would accept a 'gift' of any kind from any of those abominable sheikdoms and princedoms on the Arabian peninsula; in dealings with the devil, it is best to employ a long, long spoon. - CM

"...Former state opposition leader and now police and community safety spokesman, John Paul Langbroek, says it should have happened sooner.  "It's taken a generous donation from someone from (from? - shouldn't it be 'to'? - CM] whom we're thankful, Abu Dhabi, to make this promise...come to reality", he said.

Alas, it seems that Mr Langbroek, too, in his effusive gratitude for the 'generosity' of an Arab Muslim statelet for which $30 million is chickenfeed, a triviality, is also entirely uninformed about the kinds of strings that are normally attached to any gift made by a Muslim to a non-Muslim person or group.

I repeat: I wonder how many mosque building proposals will be required to be approved, up and down the state of Queensland, no questions asked, no community complaints admitted, in the wake of this much-ballyhooed 'donation' by Abu Dhabi? - CM.













Posted on 05/31/2011 9:57 PM by Christina McIntosh
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