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Wednesday, 30 November 2011
Shakespeare’s Snobs

by David P. Gontar (December 2011)

I.  The Issue

As the idea of snobbery often arises in contentions over Shakespeare, it may be well to pause to take stock of precisely what it is. The entry in The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language is helpful and illuminating.  more>>>

Posted on 11/30/2011 3:46 PM by NER
26 Jul 2012
david gontar

Dear comment makers:

Thanks so much for your responses.  Unfortunately, it's clear to everyone that without any ideas or arguments of your own, you're forced to fall back on schoolboy taunts.  No one seems to have told you that the purpose of these exchanges is to advance our understanding of the subject.  We are not here for spitballs and graffiti.  Crawl back in the sandbox now, and do let us know when you actually have something to say. 

6 Jul 2012
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This essay is yet more proof, if any were needed, that intelligent people can still be complete fools on certain topics. The conspiracy theory that Edward de Vere wrote Shakespeare is ludicrous, mind-numbing idiocy. An undergrad without any knowledge of Shakespeare could refute it.

13 Dec 2011
K. Symthe

Mr. Gontar, in any language, or time period is a "wind bag".