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Thursday, 31 May 2012
Does Muslim Blasphemy Trump Free Speech in America?

by Jerry Gordon (June 2012)

In late April 2012, a Tennessee legislator held a meeting with aides to Gov. Bill Haslam. It concerned unauthorized and apparently unconstitutional moves by Bill Gibbons, Tennessee State Commissioner of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security (DSHS), establishing a partnership with a religious NGO, the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) which has ties to local Muslim Brotherhood leaders via the American Center for Outreach (ACO). Gibbons was the long term District Attorney General in Memphis’ Shelby County and previously served as an aide to two former GOP Governors, Lamar Alexander and Don Sundquist.  more>>>

Posted on 05/31/2012 1:30 PM by NER
23 Sep 2012

 this is just to tell mr. PDK who commented about Islam that please the world history first and then talk about others. just count the total number of wars initiated in the past and in the present time too and then tell us which nations have been involved in murdering others and all the other stupid words you have used. its not the religions that have to be blamed for our behaviours it is our lack of knowledge about others. Islam has never forced its ideologies but there are those who have so to be fully capable to blame others first get some knowledge of the past and the present and then give suggestions to others. thank you.

26 Jun 2012

We Americans are going to lose our country. It may take a century or more, perhaps less, but as everyone knows a fool and his money are soon departed, and unfortunately, our liberal fools are both throwing, and giving away, Americas greatest wealth, liberty and personal sovereignty, to a group of insane fanatics, Islam, to one, prove their own courage and noble nature, and two, to gain more democrat constituents. Further, for those that serve as the leaders for the movement of liberalism, there is also the need for multi-culture constituents because they are first, last and foremost, anti-nationalist, pro-globalist, pursuing a one world, new world order.

We do not allow our children to imbibe alcohol. Their young immature brains and minds are not ready to handle its effects. It is painfully clear, the same can be said of liberty and enfranchisement to a democratic process. Many are too immature to handle, with sagacity, the inherent responsibility of these realities.

In a very young America, Ben Franklin, a founding father, was queried by a woman, what Ben and the other founding fathers had given to the new country. Ben replied, "a Republic, if you can keep it". Further,our founding fathers recognized the dangers of a democracy and only allowed white males who owned property to vote. For only these particular people had a dog in the fight, skin in the game, and therefore only these could be trusted, in particular because of their vested interest, to measure up to the responsibility of preserving the republic.

With time, a two party system of leadership developed, and a fully enfranchised democracy. Strangely, by chance, coincidence, concept association or synchronicity, the two partys to emerge were the democrats and the republicans.

Curious because the liberals, the immature, flocked to, and became the constituents of the democrat party, and further, that democrat comes from the word democracy meaning rule by majority. While on the other side, the conservative, non-liberal, mature citizens gravitated to the republican party, and republican taken from repulic meaning rule by a constitution.

This distiction and understanding is important because immigration becomes much more desirable to the liberal mindset who wish to rule by popular or majority ideas via the democratic election process. Further, this because through democracy the liberal mindset can ultimately destroy nationalism, capitalism and republicanism while promoting and pursueing a one world, new world order, governed by their God complexed, need to good Sheppard a flock, liberal leaders. This is especially dangerous as the liberal mindset loves the idea of a few at the top, but the great many at the bottom. This is the culture structure of socialism, and socialism always makes manifests tyranny, poverty and misery, the worst of the human conditions.

Along comes Islam and liberals, in keeping with their need for new constituents, welcomes them in, and embraces their association. However, Islam is also pursuing a one world, new world order with their theocractic rulers at the top, and the great masses at the bottom, and living in the same state of conditions as the socialist, tyranny, poverty and misery. Unfortunately for America, and the West for that matter, they make good bed fellows for the liberals today, but tomorrow will dawn a day all humanity will rue and therefore regret ever having engaged their companionship for constituency purposes.

The time has long since come, that the West, and especially the white English speaking cultures to realize, Islam has no need, want or love for liberty. That Islam comes not to assimilate but to conquer, to totally destroy our culture, and to enslave our people to their insane tyranny. We are currently in the grip of Islamic processing though it may be imperceptable to many at this time.

Islam should be outlawed as soon as possible. Liberal immaturity, be it cowardice that causes a blind eye to be turned on Islam and its murdering, rapeing and thugging mindset, or greed and averice for their constituency, it must be overcome and matured beyond, before it is to late.

As Islam continues to process us, in our own lands, we slip further into the abyss, where, if we slip far enough down, we cross the point of no return, never to experience humanity again.

All non-Islamics should stop pretending their wondering who these curious creatures are, and recognize them for what they truely are; murdering, raping, thugs, pursuing their superiority.

Woe will be humanity, when all are enslaved to Islamic insanity. Thank you.