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Wednesday, 13 March 2013
Quick Quiz

Is the Pope a Catholic?

(Write on one side of the paper only.)

Posted on 03/13/2013 5:20 PM by Mary Jackson
14 Mar 2013
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And Now, After A Pregnant Pause,
Something Completely The Same
Tags: from corrections to contractions to corrected for dates, from diligent to diligence, obstetricians  should use due diligence when past the due date, use due protection when on dates, can the Caliph don a condom? give the Pope his do's and don't's and choices of Hobson and give the Devil his dues and what-nots with knobs on and Richard Simmons his waist nots and c*m shots

14 Mar 2013
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From Europe To You're Up
Is Alexander Pope Catholic? Btw., a "cat-shat-in-the-hat" tip is due the diligent and delightful Mary Jackson and though reactionry labored mightily, he missed a contraction with "your up."
Papal See, Papal Done,
John Donne
Tags: Lux Ex Septentrionis, From Northmen to Normandy, From Harry to Harrying of the North to Dirty Harry, From Hastings to Hasty Pudding, From Calais to Calamity, From Nineveh to Nakba (the "Palestinians" never tyre of that one), Come Nineveh, Come Tyre, comme ci, comme ça, Soviet salami tactics in Cuba, commie Si, commie saw, who cut my kishka with a butcher's saw?

14 Mar 2013
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Lux Ex Septentrionis
Or: An Affair To Dismember
Please see my works from a Canadian perspective on the mistreatment of American Indians by Europeans, I'm All Right Jack London: Whitefangthief and Wampumtake.
Taking Grants & Fang Thangs For Granted,
Michael Grant Ignatieff,
The Harvard Kennedy School &
The Capuchin Munk School of Global Affairs
cc Fang Lizhi c/o Tin Lizzie Borden & Chinese Gordon
Tags: Capuchin monkey see, Capuchin monkey do, The Papal See, they hung Tom Dooley and Danny Deever, but alas, not Eldridge Cleaver, Junie Moon Cleaver says, "Let no capuchin hood cleave a Beaver," is european' in the woods abein' heard as in "Chamberpot Music"? - alas, James Joyce already added that, "As long as your up [North] get me a Grants," pining for the fjords, pining for the Scotch pines, pining for the Scotch, Lux Ex Septentrionis: pining for the Fuehrer, Ignatieff, infangthief, London School of Economics: Robber Baron Bobbies on Kondratieff cycles, weaving and waving, two by two, sorry honeymoon; I munk the kids, circumcise the hooded monks,, The Spanish Inquisition & the Conversos: Torquemade said, "Sorry Hymie - I monk the Yids." for LIzhi, no Luzhin defense, Tin Lizzie, pining for the Fords, who'd a'thunk the Bishop of Birmingham had spunk? Dirty Harold the Viking, while harrying Lindisfarne, said, "Do you feel lucky, monk?" Le Pétomane: the thiefoffarts

13 Mar 2013
Hugh Fitzgerald

Hey, I'm still working on the one about infangthief and wapentake.