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Wednesday, 17 April 2013
Turning the times tables

No wonder the teaching unions don’t want Michael Gove’s reforms to history teaching. Facts and the evidence of those who were there are the very devil when you are trying to rewrite history in a politically correct image. From Esmerelda's excellent account of Margaret Thatcher's funeral.

Indeed, but perhaps the fact-haters will be hoist with their own made-up petard. Steerpike in The Spectator:

Michael Gove has been denounced by the National Union of Teachers for suggesting that nine-year-olds should be taught to memorise poetry and multiplication tables. Alex Kenny, of the NUT’s executive, declared, ‘I’m tempted to perform a citizen’s arrest on Michael Gove for crimes against the state.’ Michael himself is said to be sanguine about the threat. ‘For the arrest to be legal,’ says a chum at the education department, ‘Mr Kenny would have to recite the police caution from memory.’

Posted on 04/17/2013 1:22 PM by Mary Jackson
18 Apr 2013
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Speak Pirate
Or: AAR's Longa
That landlubber Dobson not be coverin' all of the Three R's  - Red, Rot 'n Rote.
O'oer The Bounding Maine,
Long John Silver,
Havana Harbor
cc Frederick Dobson @theflyingmunchkin

18 Apr 2013
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Frederick The Not-So-Great

While Mary had a little lamb and more than a little German, some of the less cunning linguists might not realize that much of the unhinged comment above hinges on German/English Red/Rot puns. Btw., I found Val Kilmer's "Top Secret" movie to be offensive in a scene in which an ostensibly helpful woman says to his perplexed and mono-lingual character, "Nick Rivers," "I know a little German," and then points out a Lederhosen-wearing dwarf and in another wherein the owner of "the potato farm" is, if memory serves, revealed to be a little person named "Herr Potato."
Your Potato Elf,
Fred Dobson @thrownundertheshortbus 

18 Apr 2013
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"God, Wot Rot"*
Or: "The East Is Red"
Or: Speak, Rot Memory
I have always believed that the merriest and veriest schools were those which taught by rot methods.  And yes, I wanted a holiday in the Chilean sun, rather than die in the new Belsen because I didn't have a reasonable economy.
Wishing I Could Make Mary,
Erich Honecker**
cc Salvador Allende c/o Hell
While it's not exactly cosmopolitan, I've always favored education by Redbook.
Helen "Girly-Man"*** Braun
The Little Red School House,
Manhattan, New York City
cc Elisabeth Irwin, Chairman Mao
I've always thought that Kamerad Honecker was a man of good qualities and colour and when it came to making a revolutionary omelette, was a good egg to (jack) boot.
- Frau Farber Fabergé ****
*** See SNL's Hans und Franz
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