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Tuesday, 30 April 2013
Slouching To Despotism

by Fergus Downie (May 2013)

They have their little pleasures for the day, and their little pleasures for the night, but they have a regard for health."We have discovered happiness,"--say the last men, and blink

What is the price for this carnival of amusements – the descent of man. When there are no values worth standing on – happiness becomes the ultimate democratic virtue and as a consequence contemporary politics is little more than a footnote to Bentham’s hedonistic calculus with all the authority of 21st century neuroscience thrown in. This is the politics of nudge, with all the diminished expectations of citizenship one might expect when one starts coining desperate oxymorons like liberal paternalism to cover the void.  more>>>

Posted on 04/30/2013 8:44 AM by NER
7 May 2013
g murphy donovan
Americans spend 37 hours a week watching the box, a number about to equal a work week. TV is also the favored baby sitter - and tutor. The viewing fare is banal amusements and conspicuous consumption. Junk food for mind and body. We are indeed what we eat. The end is nigh, Fergus.