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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

by David P. Gontar (May 2013)

And will you, being a man of your breeding, be married
under a bush like a beggar? Get you to church and have
a good priest that can tell you what marriage is: this fellow
will but join you together as they join wainscot; then one of you
will prove a shrunk panel, and like green timber, warp, warp.

                                                                              --   Jaques

                                                         * * * *


Well, Socrates, I guess you should congratulate us.  more>>>

Posted on 04/30/2013 9:24 AM by NER
9 Sep 2014
Send an emailDavid Gontar
Turns out the dialogue was prophetic. Internet friends who have never met are "marrying" each other, though those marriages have no legal effect.

19 May 2013
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Apart from the modern content, you have caught Socrates' style nicely.  A fun piece. 

I guess that no mere theory emerging from a dialog such as this or from left or right think tanks, and no mere political party, ideology, or forces of law will have the strength to resist the breakdown of traditional marriage.  Cultural, spiritual, and religious forces and living ideas from the spiritual world, not mere legislation or theory, are the only powers with any chance, however slight, of grasping what the logos of marriage might be at this time in history -- if it conforms to the traditional idea of marriage, or means something else.  Without a living connection to the living spiritual world imbuing more and more people, the boundaries of marriage will become more and more arbitrary and undefined, because by itself the material world can provide no solid foundation for understanding this kind of question.  Not theories, but spiritual realities, living ideas intimated to us ever anew by spiritual beings, are what is needed as the basis for consequent reflection on this question.  

8 May 2013
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Quite well done.