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Thursday, 16 May 2013
They are not like us (continued)

Huge hat tip to Christina for discovering Defend the Modern World, a serious blog with a light touch. As the Australian rape victim found in Dubai, the trappings of Western life do not make Muslims Western, and the blogger explains why brilliantly in this post (my emphasis):

[A] few optimistic observers suggest that we create a distinction between a category of ‘moderate’ Islamic countries, and a separate category of ‘hardline’ ones.


I’m sure this is a perfectly well-intentioned enterprise but for me at least, it has too many flaws to be taken seriously.

For a start, what exactly are we to mean by the word ‘moderate’? Are we suggesting that the Muslims of such places do not take the threat of hellfire or the promise of paradise as seriously as in others? Surely not.

I think what people really intend by this phrase, is ‘more like us’.

By ‘moderate’ they mean countries in which there are as many cafes as there are mosques, and where European languages are spoken by the natives.

But surely the error in all this is clear.

No adaptation to Western secular culture makes for ‘moderation’ in religious culture. Secular culture (cafes, television, newspapers), fills spaces religion doesn’t fill. But the spaces religion does fill remain filled by the same religion as existed in the 7th century.

Think of it this way – There are millions of Muslims living with us right now in the West, many of whom speak fluently the languages of their adopted lands, and who spend hours each week not only in cafes, but in Tesco, ASDA and other places we might recognise too. They are, in this respect ‘like us’. They may even live next door to us… But as the 7/7 bombers showed, this is no guarantee against the most radical religious fervour and extreme behaviour developing in those internal spaces still occupied by their religion.

Since the 7/7 bombers were born and raised in a Western environment, and still emerged as terrorists, why should the presence of a few Western characteristics in North Africa or Anatolia reassure us that such places are themselves peopled by moderate Muslims?

Islam of the most extreme variety can co-exist (or co-develop) quite smoothly with some aspects of modernity, but only up to a point. At such a point radical Islam feels compelled to demonstrate a moral supremacy over it. The perceived moral laxity of the modern world acts as fuel to the Islamist fire. Our freedom is a provocation.

Just the other week, one of the countries most often suggested as a beacon of moderation, Tunisia, saw an outbreak of Islamist violence as well as the assassination of an elected official. Another commonly suggested ‘moderate’ state, Turkey, has an Islamist government apparently determined to roll the clock back a century at a time. I seem to remember even Egypt being suggested as an example of Muslim modernity, just a few months before the ‘spring’ which set in motion the Muslim Brotherhood’s seizure of power.

Even if you call a spade a rake, it remains a spade. So let’s dispense with the lies.

Posted on 05/16/2013 6:18 AM by Mary Jackson
16 May 2013
Arthur Lincoln
The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that was introduced in response to various incidents of serious injury or death resulting from attacks by aggressive and uncontrolled dogs, particularly on children.
Under the 1991 Act (and as amended in 1997) it is illegal to own any Specially Controlled Dogs without specific exemption from a court. The dogs have to be muzzled and kept on a lead in public, they must be registered and insured, neutered, tattooed and receive microchip implants.
This law is based on the logic that no-one could tell, if or when, an individual dog would suddenly become unstable and very dangerous.
I suggest the same logic should be applied to those of the Muslim faith in Britain. Who can be sure which one will suddenly become unstable and very dangerous? One only has to research those Muslims which have been found guilty of terrorism in Britain to see that, in most cases, the individual was described as a "family guy who regularly bought his mum flowers!" or some such other platitude.
Having a large Muslim population in any civilised country is akin to playing a massive game of Russian roulette.