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Friday, 24 May 2013
Tommy Robinson on top form

Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League doesn't always do himself any favours. He needs to stay off the booze, at least in public. But watch him here (thanks to Gates of Vienna) at his most articulate. And compare and contrast the mealy mouthed appeasement of our so-called leaders Cameron and Clegg.

Of course many on the Left will discount Tommy Robinson's arguments because of his accent, for there is no snob like a Socialist snob.

Posted on 05/24/2013 2:26 PM by Mary Jackson
26 May 2013
Christina McIntosh

Listening to him, I thought I heard gruff voices from the Beyond - Arthur, Alfred, Richard the Lionheart, Sir Francis Drake, Nelson, Churchill - all growling, 'Up and at 'em, lad! You go, lad!'

Between this man and Gavin Boby of the 'Mosquebusters'  (who is just as tough, just as focused, though in a different way), if enough people join them in time, I do believe there may be hope for the Island of the Mighty.

It's  a strange coincidence that this man is of Irish ancestry, given that in G K Chesterton's terrifyingly prescient novel 'The Flying Inn' (1915, I think it was published?) about an Islamified England, one of the key figures in the Resistance group is an Irishman.

Speaking of  'The Flying Inn', here's a short poem embedded in it, entitled, 'Who Goes Home?'

"In the city set upon slime and loam

they cry in their parliament, 'Who goes home?'

And there comes no answer in arch or dome

for none in the city of graves goes home.

Yet these shall perish and understand

for God has pity on this great land.

Men that are men again - "Who goes home?"

Tocsin and trumpeter - "Who goes home?"

For there's blood on the field and blood on the foam

and blood on the body when Man goes home.

And a voice valedictory..."Who is for Victory?

Who is for Liberty?  Who goes home?"

25 May 2013
No-one hates the English working class more than the Left 'intelligentsia'.

24 May 2013
Hugh Fitzgerald
The best I've seen him.