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Monday, 30 September 2013
The Look of Genius

by David R. Cravens (October 2013)

an awkwardly tall Kentucky storeclerk

torn pants too short

mosquito-riddled shins

drills ragged troops in an old straw hat

several sizes too large  more>>>

Posted on 09/30/2013 12:00 AM by NER
14 Oct 2013

With respect, one of my sons is a genius.

he is very much his own man, has no sense of shame, which I put down to a not shaming upbringing, whilst a young adult yet, is having to learn to clip his wings and his mouth in his profession, at my advice, if he is to survive to a level where he's old enough/senior enough, to be respected, taken seriously and have some real influence.

I believe there are many such youngsters, with the finest of minds and vision, who are discouraged at least and cut down at worst when they outshine their "superiors" when quite junior.

thats our arrogance.   Youngsters who show promise deserve every support and encouragement.  

For all that, there's no harm in them having respect and a bit of humility  along the way.

30 Sep 2013
Mannie Sherberg
'Many thanks, Mr. Cravens, for your delightful meditation on sartorial splendor -- or the lack thereof. I will never again glibly assert that "clothes make the man." Perhaps they do -- but not in the way most people think they do.