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Monday, 30 September 2013
Mrs. Macbeth Has Her Way

In the spirit of today-at-NER's "making the green one red" theme, Lady Macbeth is in the news, for making sure she is not in the news:

From Reuters:

Director abandons CNN documentary on Hillary Clinton

CNN has canceled a planned documentary on Hillary Clinton.

CNN has canceled a documentary on Hillary Rodham Clinton. The film's director said he had found it difficult to get anyone to cooperate and speak about Clinton.

Cable news network CNN has canceled a documentary on Hillary Rodham Clinton after the director said pressure from the Clinton camp, as well as Republican leaders, made it too difficult to complete the film.

A CNN spokeswoman confirmed on Monday that the program would be canceled, saying director "Charles Ferguson has informed us that he is not moving forward with his documentary about Hillary Clinton."

Political observers widely expect Clinton, whose early polling numbers make her the Democratic frontrunner in the presidential race in 2016 to run. Clinton, the former U.S. Secretary of State, has said she is still considering her options.

In a blog post on the Huffington Post website, Ferguson, who had been tapped by CNN to direct to the film last year, said pressure from Clinton's aides started as soon as he joined the project. He said he had found it difficult to get anyone to cooperate and speak about Clinton.

"When I approached people for interviews, I discovered that nobody, and I mean nobody, was interested in helping me make this film. Not Democrats, not Republicans — and certainly nobody who works with the Clintons, (who) wants access to the Clintons, or dreams of a position in a Hillary Clinton administration," Ferguson said in the blog post.

Clinton representatives could not be reached for comment.

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Ferguson said he was surprised that "prominent Democrats made it known both to CNN and to me" that they weren't happy with the project.

Ferguson also cited pushback from the Republican Party. In August, Republican leaders sent letters of protest to both CNN and NBC, complaining that their planned programs amounted to political ads for Clinton, the wife of former President Bill Clinton.

The NBC television network is planning a dramatic miniseries from its entertainment unit, which is separate from its news division. NBC did not immediately return a request for comment on Monday.

Republican leaders had resolved to boycott any 2016 presidential debates sponsored by CNN, which is owned by Time Warner Inc., and NBC, owned by Comcast Corp., if the networks went ahead with the projects.

Ferguson said he was not pressured by CNN to cancel the project, and that the network's president, Jeff Zucker, had pledged his support behind the film.

"Neither political party wanted the film made. After painful reflection, I decided that I couldn't make a film of which I would be proud. And so I'm cancelling," Ferguson said in the blog post.

Posted on 09/30/2013 12:00 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
1 Oct 2013

"Her being a woman should be a matter of indifference."

More apt a matter of debate.

1 Oct 2013
Send an emailHugh Fitzgerald
'Her being a woman should be a matter of indifference. It's her forming, with her husband, A Power Couple: Mr. And Mrs. Macbeth. Greedy, even now,, for money and for power. And it is all to be forgiven, so their acolytes believe or pretend to believe, because they are Working For The Common Good.

1 Oct 2013
'My money is on Hillary for the next POTUS.

Since American voters can't get Obama again because of that pesky 22nd amendment, they'll go for the next best thing, Hillary.
And bless me, she is a woman. The first woman POTUS ever,  Now isn't that wonderful?

Good night America. You get the government  you deserve.

30 Sep 2013
Mannie Sherberg
'My guess is that the subject -- Hillary Clinton -- is too toxic for any Clinton loyalist to touch.  Any movie about Hillary shown on CNN would surely be favorable -- if not downright hagiographic. One can only imagine this panegyric lovingly telling the story of America's arch-defender of the wretched of the earth -- a story culminating in the climactic event of Hillary's life to date: her heroic leadership on the night of the Benghazi attack. Not even CNN could get away with such a fantastic farrago of lies, lies, and more lies. The uproar from the Republicans -- and from all sensate Americans -- would be deafening. And all of this, of course, would occur just months before the Democratic National Convention convenes to bestow its blessing on Hillary's candidacy for the presidency. Her official entourage knows this only too well, and has sensibly declined to participate. Until after the nomination, her toxicity will be far too lethal for anyone to touch. Obviously, it will be equally lethal after her nomination.  What will her entourage do about that? Assail us, I suppose, with a fusillade of fabrications and falsifications the likes of which we've never experienced before. Ugh!