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Monday, 30 September 2013
Police plan to seize home of convicted terrorism recruiter

From the Telegraph

Former Taliban fighter Munir Farooqi was handed four life sentences in 2011 for trying to radicalise young British men and send them to kill troops in Afghanistan. He lost an appeal against his conviction on Monday paving the way for police to seize his £200,000 home, which he used as his “recruitment centre”.

Greater Manchester Police intend to recover the asset under a power that allows homes and other properties to be seized if they were part of a terrorism offence.

It will be the first time the power has been used since it came in to force in 2009.

A senior police officer insisted the move was not aimed at punishing Farooqi’s family members and they would not be made homeless because they have two other properties.

Farooqi, a Pakistani-born British citizen, was at the centre of a plot to radicalise and persuade vulnerable young men to "fight, kill and die" in a jihad in Afghanistan. He had previously been inspired to head to Afghanistan by the allied invasion which followed the 9/11 terror attacks. He joined the Taliban as an "active terrorist" but was captured and jailed in November 2001.

But by May 2002 he was released by the authorities in Pakistan and headed back to Manchester where he turned the family four-bedroom home into a "production centre" for propaganda, with a collection of 50,000 extremist books, DVDs and CDs. 

His appeal against conviction was dismissed today by the Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge, Lord Justice Treacy and Mrs Justice Sharp.

Farooqi, who is in his fifties, ran an Islamic book stall on Longsight market in Manchester to spread the word of Islam, with the help of co-defendants Matthew Newton and Israr Malik. 

Police will now look to seize the family home in Victoria Terrace, Longsight, Manchester.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood said: “This is unequivocally not about punishing family members, but demonstrating that if a convicted terrorist who was planning to recruit people to kill our soldiers abroad used a property to carry out this sort of criminality that it should be seized and any monies raised use to fund the ongoing fight against terrorism. 

"Again I want to be clear this decision is not about Munir Farooqi's family. This family own, outright, two other properties and will not be made homeless.”  

Posted on 09/30/2013 12:00 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
1 Oct 2013
Send an emailMichael

Why not unrooting ALL of his family and the mosque? Don't you think that cancer should be evicted? It's enough one cell to get an epidemia. Pakistani, so they have their tenths and camels left, they may be easily sent back HOME.

Justice should work quickly, make England a safer place.

1 Oct 2013

The proponents of the criminal law have lost their collective nerve in the 30 years since I was aCrown Court Clerk. The police are strangled by the politically correct Crown Prosecution Service, the corrupt Home Office Policy wonks make sure that the CPS toes the line. The  Ministry of Justice was purged of so many of that old school who had run the Lord Chancellor's Department. The ancient office of the Kingdom that was held by St Thomas a'Becket and Sir Thomas More is now a tiny bracket after the grandious title "Secretary of State for Justice" that traitor Jack Straw invented for himself and wore like a Miss World tiara. The Judges are recruited according to strict principles of diversity, so long as that diversity is ethnic heritage, gender, sexuality. Diversity of opinion, independence of mind, originality of interpretation, and wisdom are NOT qualities sought by the Judicial Diversity Task force (third annual report issued last month).

Seizing the assets of wrongdoers isn't a new thing. I myself in the early 1980s recall drafting the documents for criminal bankrupcty against a man convicted of theft, although surprise, surprise, he had defrauded his employers - a government department.

And then it was not uncommon for a drug dealer to have his car siezed, and be disqualified from driving, if his car had been used to carry and store his mercandise. I believe his house could have been similarly forfit although I never recall it happening in the court I worked. 

When people complain about out of date Judges, and lenient sentencing (or contrasting harsh sentencing of anybody who dares challenge the long term plan) it isn't the Judges they should blame any more. Its their puppet masters. And it has taken this long for the ruling (no)class to get nervous of public opinion.

30 Sep 2013
'<i>"In four years, all over Great Britain? The "first time"? Good god."</i>

An election is coming up.
Got to be seen doing something.

30 Sep 2013
Christina McIntosh

Seize it, and the rest of the property, as Hugh has suggested.

And then those three houses, free and clear, the ill-gotten gains of lying, cheating, murder-minded mohammedan mobsters, could be made over either to three British returned soldiers who have been invalided home from Afghanistan as cripples after having been attacked by jihadists; or, to three non-Muslim Britons identified as having been rendered most disabled by Muslim jihad attack (there are doubtless survivors from the July 05 jihad attack who are still struggling to earn a living, and keep a roof over their heads, because of the crippling permanent injuries they sustained). 

Other mohammedan mob ill-gotten properties similarly seized in future, could be similarly reassigned so as to provide some small measure of justice to those who have suffered most immediately from Jihad.

30 Sep 2013
Send an emailHugh Fitzgerald

"This family own, outright, two other properties and will not be made homeless.”

Why should the family, in up to its neck in knowledge of, and no doubt approval of, Munir Farooqi's activities, not also be made to suffer. And if, as I suspect and do believe, they were welfare-state grifters, adepts at picking up every possible benefit and then some, why should they not be left, in exemplary fashion, with nothing?

Leave them with nothing. It would be the welfare-state equivalent of blowing up terrorist homes, which is the strategy used by other, smaller, much more immediately threatened Infidel lands.

30 Sep 2013
Hugh Fitzgerald

It will be the first time the power has been used since it came in to force in 2009."

In four years, all over Great Britain? The "first time"? Good god.