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Tuesday, 31 December 2013
Religion and the Law

by Rebecca Bynum (January 2013)

According to the Internal Revenue Manual 7(10)69, Exempt Organizations Examination Guidelines Handbook, text 321.3(3), an organization is defined as a “church” if it has the following broadly and neutrally defined characteristics: (a) a distinct legal existence, (b) a recognized creed and form of worship, (c) a definite and distinct ecclesiastical government, (d) a formal code of doctrine and discipline, (e) a distinct religious history, (f) a membership not associated with any other church or denomination, ...  more>>>

Posted on 12/31/2013 12:00 AM by NER
9 Jan 2014
Ian Marshall

This makes such good sense! I love the suggested `qualification` questions.

Mind you, as an unbeliver I would prefer that that ALL religions be made irrelevant in law.  In any civilised court, failure to provide and discuss evidence leads inevitably to `case dismissed.`  But what believer in any creed, attempting to plead on religious grounds, can stand up in court and provide evidence that even his/her god exists?

This should be the starting point in any trial where any `religious` defence is mounted, and for any class of crime or misdemeanour.

Life built on religion is built on sand. The sooner the law takes the lead in refusing to accept belief as fact, the better, whomever this `offends` and however long it takes. I can`t wait for the first case.

8 Jan 2014
g murphy donovan
'Day of reckoning indeed! The Islam cipher might be the most important political question of the millenium. How long can the West afford to continue to grant  immunities to a viral toxic political ideology dressed in a burka of imperial  religion? Hard to believe that any reasonalbe observer could rationalize the many barbarities that accompany "Islamism." Harder still to believe that ignoring the problem does anything save postpone the inevitable. Huntington was correct and  cultural "clash" might be a low end estimate.