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Tuesday, 31 December 2013
Hungary Sets Up a State Authority to Rewrite History

by Thomas Ország-Land (January 2014)

The physical destruction of European Jewry during the Nazi era has been probably the most thoroughly documented disaster in all human history. A huge proportion of the eyewitness accounts, expert analyses and artistic depiction of that catastrophe pertains to the organized murder of close to 600,000 Hungarian citizens of Jewish birth perpetrated by the Hungarian state in collaboration with Nazi Germany. This happened at the close of the Second World War when an Allied victory was already obvious.  more>>>

Posted on 12/31/2013 12:00 AM by NER
19 Jan 2014
Send an emailMiriam More
'Perfectly describes the history of destruction of Hungarian Jewry during the Nazi era, and the new Hungarian Government's denial of their enthusiastic participation at the time, clearing Miklos Horthy of all blame, demonstrating sudden "amnesia" by choosing to blame it all on the German Nazis. (the writer, Tomas Orszag-Land is a personal family friend way back from my early childhood and I want to thank him for this very valuable work !! ) ~~ MM