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Tuesday, 31 December 2013
Twisting Jewish Values to Promote False Peace

by Matthew Hausman (January 2014)

Have you heard the one about the old Jewish lady from Brooklyn who wants to visit a Hindu holy man in Nepal? Her friends tell her she’s crazy, but she saves her money, flies to Nepal and makes the arduous trip up the mountain anyway. When she arrives she’s told by a disciple that her audience will last only a minute and that she must limit her conversation to six words. Not easily intimidated, she insists on seeing the great master immediately. After being ushered into his chamber, she looks him straight in the eye and says the six words that most accurately convey her thoughts.

 “Sheldon, it’s your mother. Come home!”  more>>>

Posted on 12/31/2013 12:00 AM by NER
16 Jan 2014
G. Ben-Nathan

Dear Matthew Haussman,

I would not wish to lambast you.  But I would counsel you (and perhaps your brother) to do some research.

What research?  Research into WHO really are the people we call the Palestinians.

 Read: David Ben Gurion and Yitzhak Ben Zvi: 'Artzenu be-Hoveh oo-be-avar' (Yiddish 1917, translated to Hebrew 1959).

Read: Yitzhak Ben Zvi 'Ochlosei Artzenu' (1932).  Read Israel Belkind: 'Where are the Ten Tribes (1929)

When you have read these books (particularly the chapters in both entitled: 'The Origin of the Fellahin', you will receive a blinding revelation.  The Palestinians are NOT Arabs.  They PRE-date the C7th. Arab conquest.  They are, as Ben Gurion says, the Am Ha-aretz of the Talmud - Jews who preferred, he says, to convert rather than leave the Land of Israel.

The Jewish people are am ha-sefer (People of The Book); 'Palestinians' Am ha-aretz (People of The Land, yes, ignoramuses!). The contemporary Israeli philosopher historian, non-academic Elon Jarden has brilliantly oibserved that the Jews are a People without a body; the Palestinians, a body without a head. (Jarden: Between the Mountains and the Plains, e-book 2008).

You will find that the conflict between Jew and 'Arab' is a conflict between blood BROTHERS - the greatest misunderstanding in History.

For me, the only real question is whether His Excellency Mr Mahmoud Abbas is really a descendant of the C12th Aleppo Rabbi and Poet, Rabbi Judah Samuel Abbas whose beautiful poem on the Akeda is heartily chanted by Sephardi (me) and Mizrahi Jews before the sounding of the Shofar on Rosh Ha-Shanah.

Finally, Sir, consult   The English menu has a short 13 minute film in Hebrew with English subtitles.

There is only ONE problem with all this: BOTH sides, Jew and Palestinian simply DON'T want to know about their joint origin.  The response is: don't let a jolly good conflict get spoiled by inconvenient FACTS.

Otherwise, enjoy.