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Wednesday, 29 January 2014
Out on a limb

While the late Pete Seeger may have sung about peace and flowers and stuff, it was the late Marlene Dietrich who laid down her arms:

Thanks to reader Judey for pointing out the absence. She should have knocked herself up some new ones. If I had a hammer ...

Posted on 01/29/2014 12:00 AM by Mary Jackson
30 Jan 2014
caroline Beckenhaupt
'Thanks for digging this out of the  misty past.  Disconcerting in that older, wiser singer should've known better than to jump on the trendy lefty scene.  Love the acting she does in the song, as well as the conductor in the background.  The suit w/the embossed flowers on it was best of all.  May she rest in peace.

29 Jan 2014
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I can't stand Seeger, but I save most of my wrath for the leftist hypocrites who worshipped him

Joe Hill? Unions? Decent wages and working conditions?

The same leftists who express admiration fo Seeger's praise of working people, are ther same wags who, with their support of massive uncontrolled immigration, regularly stick it to those same working people Seeger sang about.

Seeger sang about hammers, and yet the unrepentant stalinist was about as thick as a whole f***ing sack of them.