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Sunday, 27 April 2014
Mahmoud Abbas's Disgusting New Propaganda Effort

Read about it -- a single, tendentious statement, just as he has embraced Hamas, and after a life time of joining other Arabs in minimizing, or denying, or applauding the German murders (with the approval and help of many non-Germans too numerous  to mention)  --- here.

The Der-Sturmer-like antisemitism to be seen every day in the "Palestinian" press and radio and on its television, including the programs that instill murderous hatred of Jews in the "Palestinian" Arab children, cannot be dismissed or ignored or forgotten.. Mahmoud Abbas's own history as a doctoral student in Moscow, where his dissertation (which if he didn't write himself -- so many of the Arabs in Moscow as in the West pay locals to do the research and write their theses for them, so they can pocket the degree -- he at least ordered up the theme, and approved of its contents)  was devoted to minimizing, if not quite outright denying, the murder of European Jewry (it's called by some "Holocaust denial").

Now, having joined with Hamas, which is devoted to destroying the Jews of Israel (and Jews elsewhere, unless they can prove that they are not, by their mere existence, promoting "Zionism"), Abbas has felt the need -- that is, Western PR experts perhaps sent by the Obama administration or by the EU bureaucracy -- to denounce the European murders of Jews as "the most heinous crime" etc.  And a corollary to this is the theme: but why should Jews, who have suffereed, now become the oppressors? Why should the poor Arabs ("Palestinians") pay for the sins of Europe and its anitsemites? And there are people just waiting to believe this, to ignore the entire history of Islam's attitude toward non-Muslims, and to ignore, in particular, the attitudes and behavior of Muslim Arabs toward the Jews in the Land of Israel before, during, and after the creation of the singlee Jewish state.

It's all transparent, and it's worthless, and it's disgusting. It has nothing  to do with any real feelings or understanding. It has to do with promoting the "Palestinian" cause, which is to create indefensiblee borders for, in the hope of ultimately eliminating, the only Jewish state in the world. Avaricious and meretricious Mahmoud Abbas can do the hokey-pokey all he wants, but that's what it's all about.

Posted on 04/27/2014 12:00 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
27 Apr 2014
'This is just a negotiating ploy. Israel will be asked to make a tangible concession in response. Middle East diplomacy is so debased by false moral equivalency.

27 Apr 2014
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  Abbas just recycles the same old tired Islamic narcissism which can be summed up as "We're perfect and you suck." If there's a conflict, it's all your fault because perfect people are never wrong, and are always victims.

  Another characteristic of narcissism is an unwarranted sense of entitlement. And yes, those perfect people deserve a state, as well as all of those entitlements that those other states they've moved to give them.

27 Apr 2014
Mannie Sherberg
'The tired old canard that the Arabs are paying for the sins of the Europeans ignores one simple fact: Huge numbers of Arabs were every bit as complicit in the Holocaust as were Europeans. Hitler's bosom-buddy -- the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem -- was every bit as consumed by Jew-hatred as were Hitler himself or Himmler or any of the rest of the Nazi hierarchy. The saddest day in the Mufti's life was probably the day Rommel lost at El-Alemein -- thereby destroying the Mufti's dream of a Middle-Eastern Holocaust to match the European one. But instead of abandoning the dream, the Mufti bequeathed it to his misbegotten relative -- Arafat. Abbas is nothing more than the ideological offspring of the Mufti and Arafat. He's also a liar -- but hardly a creative one. The Holocaust was much more than just a "European" sin.