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Saturday, 27 September 2014
Erdoganized Turkey May View ISIS As Less Dangerous Than Kurds


A member of NATO that ought to be put on notice that its membership is at stake, Turkey has done nothing to prevent Muslim volunteers for ISIS, coming from all over the world, from using Turkey as a staging-ground, and a point of entry (the only point of entry) into the Islamic State, It has done nothing to help the Kurds, now the main ground force fighting the Islamic State's bezonians, and has done nothing to stop the smuggling into Turkey, and sale in Turkey, of oil from wells now controlled by the Islamic State.

And now it has done nothing, so far, to help the American-led effort to contain ISIS. It has not supplied troops, not joined in the air campaign, not sealed the border, not tried to stop the smuggling and sale of oil from ISIS-controlled wells.

Why is Turkey still in NATO? Or why, at least, has the Turkish government been told that if it does not promptly change course, it will be out of NATO, and no more weapons from the West will be available. That should get Erdogan's attention.

Posted on 09/27/2014 4:09 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
27 Sep 2014
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Good points, Hugh, but Obama is as likely to even think about drumming Turkey out of NATO as he is to switch to the Republican party.