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Saturday, 27 September 2014
The Latest Version Of Arab Blackmail To Obtain Western Aid

Libyan threat: help us militarily, or "terrorism threat will grow."


Posted on 09/27/2014 7:04 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
28 Sep 2014
Christina Mcintosh
It's the same game that *all* Mohammedan entities are playing - from Pakistan right on down to the Muslim "community leaders" and "community organisations" who, in the wake of this or that achieved or exposed jihad terror attack in this or that country, burble on about their alienated youth, and about how they (these organisations) need money to combat "radicalisation" and how the "alienated" youth of the "Muslim community" need more attention (and more money spent on them) lest they become 'radicalised". And I think it's time, past time, that we - the various Infidel lands - called their bluff. All the money - basically, jizya or tribute - that we've been throwing at them, and all the attention and accommodation simply lavished upon Muslims within non-Muslim lands, simply hasn't resulted in a decrease in jihad plots and jihad attacks attempted or worse, achieved. So, let's do something different. Let's STOP the arms sales and the military training and the special trade deals and the "aid" and the money lavished on "community organisations" to "combat radicalisation". Cut it off. Every last red cent (redirect the same amount of cash and kind, to beefing up our own defences and strengthening our *own* communities). And see what happens. Right now, in Australia, for example, in the wake of the foiled plot to behead Aussies so as to create beheading videos for Muslims who enjoy watching that sort of thing (and an awful lot of them do; I came across an account by a young British infidel who realized, with an awful shock, that the young Muslim men in his university class in London had been sharing around and avidly watching and were gleefully discussing beheading videos), what should happen is at least a cutback in, and preferably a cessation of, the government funding that is received by assorted Muslim organisations. And personally I think that, after Hamas and associates shot all those rockets at Israel this year, that *all* non-Muslim countries - such as Australia - should END all "aid" to the "poor Palestinians (TM)". there should be NOTHING spent by Infidels, to "rebuild" (that is, to rearm Gaza, to re-dig and reequip all those deadly tunnels). Time to stop the jizya. Time to stop paying tribute.

27 Sep 2014
Or, as the late, great, comedian Jonathan Winters used to say when goofing as the head of some obscure backwater country: "Give us money or we go Communist! He he"