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Sunday, 28 September 2014
Mosques In Kenya A Security Threat

Mosques are places where the mere quoting of the Qur'an promotes and reinforces hatred of Infidels, and naturally leads some of those who come to pray, to listen to the khutbas, and to talk to fellow Believers about the meaning of Islam, to commit acts of terrorism. How could it be otherwise, given what is in the Qur'an and given the model of Muhammad, as set out in the Hadith and Sira? 

That's why the mosques everywhere constitute a security problem. Ataturk established a Ministry of Religious Affairs that would monitor every mosque in Turkey, and check on the content, in advance, of every khutba. In Egypt, in Jordan, in Tunisia, in Morocco, in Algeria, in almost every Arab state, even in Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, the mosques must be monitored. And in Kenya that's true, too, where those responsible for protecting the state and its people now threaten to close mosques. And that threat should be made, and carried out, everywhere in the non-Muslim lands whenever a mosque has been found to be inculcating any kind of hostiity toward non-Muslims.

In Kenya, the authorities have warned that they may be closing some mosques -- conduct to emulate.


Posted on 09/28/2014 1:13 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
28 Sep 2014
Christina McIntosh
Good on the Kenyan Infidels, so long as they actually DO it. And if they do, there will probably be howls of condemnation from a/ the Mohammedan Mob worldwide and b/ the usual Useful Idiots in the West, so IF Kenya does do as they have threatened, and close down some of those menacing mosques, then the Islamosavvy in, for example, Australia, will have to quickly do two things. First: write to the Kenyan diplomatic representative, expressing heartfelt support for the shutting down of Kenyan mosques, and explaining why this is such a good thing for Kenya to do; and, second, write to their own government, also explaining why they (Joe or Jane Citizen, voter) think that the Kenyan shutting down of mosques is a good idea, and strongly suggesting "go and do thou likewise". Kenya, btw, is I think a Commonwealth country, so nations like Australia, India, NZ and Canada, and a slew of little Caribbean countries, and Sri Lanka, and other African majority-Christian countries such as Uganda, and for that matter the UK, which is perhaps in the worst pickle of all, and desperately needs to shut down a whole lotta mosques, beginning with that sinister installation in East London - could take note and follow their sister's lead, supposing that lead *is* given.