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Monday, 29 September 2014
American Muslim Yasir Qadhi: Be Realistic, Muslims Living In The West Should Wage The Jihad Of Pen And Tongue


Yasir Qadhi wants Muslims of course to wage Jihad, but to wage it effectively. He counsels against going off to fight in Syria because the various groups there are fighting so much with each other; in such a "confused" situation outsiders will perhaps be lured into killing other Muslims. He deplores those who act like the Karijites, who are quick to condemn and punish other Muslims as hypocrites, munafir. He's all for Jihad, blames the West's policies -- never what is written in the Qur'an and glossed by the Sunnah -- for Muslim terrorists. He wants Muslims in the West to wage the most intelligent kind of Jihad they at present are able to conduct, that is the Jihad, as he puts it, of "pen" and "tongue." His goal does not differ from that of those who are in Al-Qaeda or the Islamic State; the methods he recommends for Muslims living "here in Norway" and "in the United States" are different, because their situation is different. But he's not against Jihad -- not against the struggle to remove all obstacles to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam and of Muslims all over the world. He's all for Jihad, all for the attempt to change Western policy so that always and everywhere those policies do not offend Muslims, but conform to their demands, and offer no resistance to the permanent effort of Muslims to conduct Jihad by whatever means prove most effective.

He only differs with those Muslims who are attempting to persuade Muslims in the West to go to Syria to fight, because he thinks Muslims in the West can be more effective if they remain in the West and conduct propaganda -- the Jihad of "pen" and "tongue" to which he refers -- and Daw'a on behalf of Islam, swelling its ranks with the converts to be found, especially ajong the pychically and socially marginal. Yasir Qadri is as dangerous as those Muslims who call for immediate terrorist attacks within the West. No, he'[s more dangerous.

Posted on 09/29/2014 7:53 AM by Hugh Fitzgerald
29 Sep 2014
Kisan This Imam is very extreme, taking the extreme teachings of the Quran very seriously