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Monday, 29 September 2014
A Deeply Embarrassing Collection of Dozy Bints From Down Under

First up, let us reluctantly contemplate the vapourings of a well-meaning Useful Idiot, one Kate Leaney, who, although not a Muslim, has donned the Muslim female Slave Rag and paraded about in it in public, all in a glow of self-righteousness, to show solidarity with the poor little Muslims to whom everybody - in the wake of the thwarted Muslim plot to seize and behead random Aussie Infidels, and then the Muslim attempted murder of two policemen - are being so very, very mean (funny looks and pointed remarks, mainly; there has been nary a lynching, nary a rape, nary a kidnapping, not even a spitting on the sidewalk, and no fire-setting or bombs; in fact, the only explosion, recently, that killed people was caused by a Muslim in Sydney who set fire to his own shop for the insurance and in so doing managed to burn to death the three infidels who at the time were fast asleep in the flats above that shop).  

The Daily Mail reporter, Mr Daniel Piotrowski, did not, it seems, think to ask Ms Leaney whether she would also be prepared to don the KKK hood and robe - or else a Swastika armband - and wear same for a week in solidarity with poor, persecuted Neo-Nazis; but that is the question that she and anyone else who is foolishly following her example perhaps needs to be asked.  Be sure to click on the link and read the Comments, of which there were not a few, because some of them are priceless.

 "Why do you want to look like "THEM"?  Christian woman who wore a hijab all week out of "solidarity" with her Muslim friends (that is: with Muslim females whom she imagines to be her friends...- CM) reveals the fear and suspicion she faced, but says it was an overwhelmingly positive experience"

"For the past 7 days Kate Leaney, 27, a committed Christian (perhaps; but not, I think, a very wise or thoughtful one - CM) has attracted curious looks on the street.

'That's because she has been wearing a hijab every day in an act of "love and solidarity" with her many Muslim friends.

'Recently, mates of the asylum-seeker worker, who is from Adelaide, have said they are scared to wear the head-dress in public.

Perhaps.  I suspect they are exaggerating. Right now, in Australia, while ordinary Aussie infidels reflecton the fact that, had the police not acted when they did, any number of us might now be starring as the sacrificial victims in those beheading videos that are such popular viewing among all too many Muslims, the Muslim Mob is frantically attempting to represent itself as a poor persecuted victim of groundless hate. When a Muslimah complains she is afraid of wearing her sharia badge, her Slave Rag, in front of Australian infidels, she needs to be asked, pointedly, to consider the fact that any sensible non-behijabbed Australian woman, right now, knows that her uncovered hair would, to a would-be beheader, signal "Designated Prey, Because Not Muslim". That a Muslim would-be beheader, contemplating who to grab, and seeing one woman in Muslim dress and one not in Muslim dress, would seize the latter, not the former. -  CM

'Their concerns followed incidents in the past weeks involving alleged terror suspects ("incidents" when a young Muslim man very nearly managed to stab to death two insufficiently-wary policemen - CM) as well as a rise in reported anti-Islamic attacks.

I have not heard of any rapes, beatings, lynchings, kidnappings or arsons.   All there have been are: mutterings and funny looks and the odd snide remark; a case in which statements - which were in fact true, though crudely expressed - painted on a mosque; and a man of Pacific Island background who seemingly entered the grounds of a Muslim school with a knife in hand, yet seems not to have threatened anyone with it.  - CM

"After the news I saw on TV, I don't want to tell people I'm a Muslim", one friend texted Leaney. "I think Australians don't like Muslims!"

Why should Australians be expected to like Muslims qua Muslims?  Why should Muslims demand to be liked by those whom their - the Muslims' - canonical texts plainly tell them (Muslims) to hate, to subjugate, to deceive, to treat with contempt, to humiliate and to force-convert, or subjugate, or ...kill?  Why should non-Muslims be expected to like people who love and admire and are taught to imitate - in every single last detail - a man whose career was that of a murderous bandit war-lord, who raided and robbed caravans, who presided over mass beheadings of prisoners of war, who sent hit-men to assassinate people who had dared to write naughty poems about him and his fellow-bandits, who took and raped and traded in slaves, who had a man tortured to death and then raped that man's young wife the very same day?  -  CM

'So last week she (Ms Leaney) decided to take a stand, don the headscarf, and send a message of "love over fear".

'On the seventh day of wearing her headscarf, Ms Leaney today told Daily Mail Australia that it had been an interesting, although sometimes confronting, exercise.

"On the one hand, the reaction from her [Muslim] friends was "overwhelmingly positive".

Quite possibly they may think they have got her a bit nearer to saying the shahada;  even if not that, they have now got a pliant dhimmi tool who can be counted on to further their agenda. - CM

'Many friends who wore a headscarf thanked her for her efforts.

"I was getting messages (from my friends)....They were fearful of retribution or getting racially attacked (racially?  for the 1000th time, Islam is not a race, it is a belief system - CM) and I wanted to do something", Ms Leaney said.

They wanted to be able to prance about in their Regulation Gang Uniform and receive nothing but Nice from the infidels around them; even while it is becoming more and more plain, to many Infidels, that a great many members of that very same Gang to which these hijabettes belong are being and have been simply horrible to any and all Infidels over whom they had power. - CM

"It wasn't so much about educating the public but standing in solidarity with my friends who are Muslim and showing them they should be able to walk in public and feel safe".

What about ordinary Aussie infidels?  We were the ones who were going to be treated like a flock of sheep from which random individuals would be snatched - by pious card-carrying Muslims - in order to be ritually that other Muslims could watch the video of it being done, and feel excited and elated and shout allahu akbar.   Don't we have a right to walk in public and feel safe? Because from now on, we don't; we can't.  Because we know that where there were some prepared to murder us, there may be others...Can we be sure that ASIO and the AFP have got hold of all the would-be beheaders?  That there are not others lurking in the wings, biding their time?  - CM

"There's a real sense of gratitude for someone who doesn't identify as a Muslim wearing it.  Most of the reaction has been overwhelming and positive".

'Ms Leaney said one of the best examples was when the mother of one of her friends, a Musllim woman in her 40s who speaks very little English, was heartened by her actions. "She's worn a headscarf for her entire life, and for the first time has considered taking it off, because of what it would result in".

Really?  Muslim victim theatre at its most blatant.  No behijabbed female has ever copped, in Australia, anything like what an unislamically dressed woman, all over the Muslim world, is routinely made to endure.  Reality check: let's quote something from Aussie reporter Geraldine Brooks' book "Nine Parts of Desire" (1994).  In chapter 8, "The Getting of Wisdom", Brooks visits the Islamic University of Gaza.  She writes - "Driving from the huge military road-block that divides the Gaza Strip from Israel, I hadn't seen a single unveiled woman. "There is no compulsion!" said Majida [her guide]. I gazed down at my dowdy serge sack [which Brooks had been required to wear, in order to visit the University - CM]. "Of course, we can impose it here, inside the university. But outside we don't impose it. The relationship is with God and each woman can decide for herself".

"I sipped my Coke and said nothing.  I had been in the emergency room of a Gaza hospital, when a young Palestinian [sic - Palestinian Arab Christian - CM] nurse came in, shaking, her uniform covered in wet, brown stains. "It was the boys (Muslim boys - CM) in the market", she said, "They told me to cover my head.  I told them I was a Christian, but they said it didn't matter. They said, 'The Virgin Mary covered her head, so why not you? (This is the same "argument" that is trotted out constantly by Muslims when attacking Christian women and demanding that they conform to Islamic standards of coverup - CM). "They threw rotten fruit at me and told me next time it would be acid." 

I would be surprised if any Muslim woman, in Australia, really fears that Australian infidel boys and men will throw rocks, or mud, or rotten fruit, or battery acid at her - her body, her face - as Muslims are on record as having done to unislamically dressed non-Muslim women, or deemed-insufficiently-covered or unchaperoned Muslim women.  She might pretend that she does. But it's a nonsense. She knows it won't happen. But when she claims she does, she is projecting onto infidel Australians the Muslim mindset, the Muslim way of doing things.  Now, back to our Useful Idiot, Ms Leaney. - CM

'His (hmm: one of Ms Leaney's many oh-so-nice and oh-so-charming Muslim "friends" is a male; is a spot of "marriage jihad" getting underway? - CM) heart was breaking for his mum...Him telling her what I was doing for the week had given her a little security or hope she could continue to wear it."

Cry me a river, Ms Leaney.  Me I'm thinking about hundreds of kidnapped, raped, gang-raped, beaten, abused, degraded and enslaved Nigerian Christian schoolgirls, years younger than yourself, who have been forced willy nilly - in videos triumphantly displayed - to wear that very same Slave Rag that you have just been donning in solidarity with the proudly-identifying members of the same human gestalt that kidnapped those girls. - CM

 'But it wasn't all smooth sailing. She experienced many of the negatives women who wear the hijab experience (or loudly claim that they experience - CM) in Australia - particularly, an underlying sense that some people felt suspicious of her.

Funny, that.  And she assumes that such suspicion is baseless, irrational...culpable? That people are not allowed to be wary, to be fearful?  The awful reality is that any Infidel with a functioning brain is starting - quite reasonably and logically - to associate the Muslim Gang Uniform with the deeds that many, many members of that Gang are doing.  Wear the Uniform; get looked at funny.  Look like a declared and recognised predator and the prey will act skittish. - CM

"I have had looks and seen people looking really uncertain ..or I get a feeling someone is not happy with it (the hijab)."

If they didn't say anything, then you don't know, milady and you have no right to assume. - CM

'Some people were more blatant. A petrol station worker quizzed her about the hijab, asking, "Why would you wear that, when you look like them?"

He asked her a perfectly reasonable question. That's all. He didn't throw mud or rotten fruit, as the Muslim boys did in the market to the Palestinian Arab Christian nurse. He didn't yell at her to take it off, or else. - CM

'Ms Leaney faced hostility from some people in the Christian community. She has copped abuse on social media.

What sort of "abuse" precisely? Bad language? Death threats? Unfriending? Or ...honest critique openly expressed? - CM

'A mother and her daughter even crossed the road to apparently avoid her.

Since Ms Leaney didn't walk after them and inquire, she has no way of knowing whether it ws all about her, or not. Talk about imaginitis. - CM

"It could have been a coincidence, but there seemed to be no other reason", Ms Leaney said. (You don't know, madame. - CM)  "Simply because of a piece of fabric on my head (that happens to be the most recognisable symbol of active membership in an aggressive death cult that is currently murdering or enslaving thousands of innocent people - CM) when if I wasnt' wearing it she probably would have engaged me in a conversation or dialogue".

Really? How do you know? How can you know? Lots of unfounded assumptions there, Ms Leaney. - CM

'And despite being the sort of person who "always" gets stopped by security at the airport, she said she faced the most intense security check of her life greeting a friend at Adelaide Airport.

'The search included her hijab, her clothing and in the depths of her bag. "I can't read too much into it, but it was definitely interesting", she said.

Me, I am merely pleased and relieved to see that our frontline airline security checkers are on the ball, and that a female wearing the membership badge of the Religion of Blood and War is being subjected to thorough and suspicious scrutiny. - CM

'A spokeswoman for the Australian National Imams' Council this week said a passerby allegedly ripped a hijab from a woman's head this week.

And that's all?  Have charges been laid?   Are the police investigating?  This, if it happened, would qualify as a minor assault, comparable to pulling off someone's hat.  If no charges have been laid, then do we even know that it happened? - CM

'Other Islamophobic incidents included a pig's head being placed on a cross out the front of a mosque (which is very odd; a pig's head on a cross, considered as a symbol, reads more as an insult or threat to Christians, than as an insult or threat to Muslims - CM) and a car in south-west Sydney vandalised with graffiti which said "F--N Muslims".

One car and some graffiti.  There has also been - and I will cover that in another posting, in due time - a case in which graffiti - making crudely worded but accurate statements - was painted on a wall of a house that was being used as a mosque. And that is all.   -  CM

'These incidents occurred following the release of a number of beheading videos by the Islamic State terror group, the largest counter-terrorism (sic: counter-jihad - CM) raids in Australia's history this month, and the stabbing of two police officers by Numan Haider, 18, in Melbourne's south-east. 

Hypothetical. Let us imagine that a Copt in Egypt, or a Christian or Hindu in Pakistan, driven beyond endurance by real discrimination, real abuse, the neverending humiliation and degradation and exploitation and open violence and bloodcurdling threats meted out to himself or his family or his coreligionists by the surrounding Muslims, had stabbed and tried to kill two Muslim policemen.  What do you think would be happening to many or most or even all Copts, or to Pakistani Christians and Hindus, anywhere and everywhere in Egypt, or in Pakistan?  The Muslim Mob would be out in force, howling, burning, smashing, raging, pillaging, raping and killing, destroying whole neighbourhoods.  Indeed, the Rimsha Masih case showed us that all it takes to unloose the mobs is an imam faking a claim that a Christian child has desecrated a Quran. - CM

'The chief religious leader of the Islamic community, Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed (who is from Egypt, a graduate of Al Azhar, and barely speaks a word of English - CM), condemned the Islamic State's "fatwa" against Australians and other westerners earlier this week, and many Muslims have joined a viral worldwide phenomenon where they have taken pictures of themselves holding signs saying that the actions of the Islamic State were #NotInMyName.

Damage control. Islamic State are showing the kuffar Islam Unmasked, straight out of the books, and a lot of people - people with more commonsense than the likes of Ms Leaney - are becoming thoroughly alarmed.  Which is alarming the Muslims, in those places where they are not yet so firmly established, so numerous and powerful, that they can afford to dispense with smiles and wiles and do as they please.   - CM

'Ms Leaney said her experience reminded her that many Islamic women often encounter distrust and suspicion wearing the hijab.

And she thinks that they shouldn't?   - CM

"I think it highlights for people who are hijabis, they experience this every day, not just the week I decided to wear this", she said.

"That's their everyday life".

Suuure, my dear. Now, for your next exercise in showing solidarity with the persecuted, I suggest you choose as your project a community group who really are being persecuted without a cause.  Put on a large-ish star of David pendant and an "I Love Israel" T-shirt and wear it to work, where all your oh-so-lovely Muslim friends, female and male, can see what you are wearing.  Allow them to get the impression that you a/ support Israeli self-defence and b/ like and respect Jews (I suspect that this might be difficult for you; so often, persons who are as Islamophile as you are, are afflicted with a certain pathological condition; but do it anyway, by way of experiment).  And see what happens then.   You might get a whole series of very unpleasant surprises. 

Anyway, enough of  Ms Leaney, who is an embarrassment to Australia, and to her fellow Christians.  As I said: click on the link and read the comments, some of them are priceless.  For example - "Booth2710" of London, remarked, "Now go and wear it in Saudi Arabia and other countries where women are forced to wear it and then see how "overwhelmingly positive" the experience is. Attention seeker wanting her 15 minutes, that's all".  Ali Rump, of Auckland, New Zealand, said "So she's a Christian? Why then isn't she doing some sort of "act of love and solidarity" for all the Christians who are being butchered and raped by ISIS?"  Honky, of Glasgow, observed sarcastically - "How many of her Muslim friends removed their disguises to show "solidarity" with her, I wonder.  Count them on the fingers of one foot!"

And along with Muslims who are playing the victim card as hard as they can, there are even more dozy bints - and some blokes - parading themselves in the following Sydney Morning Herald article, as reported by Natalie O'Brien

'Australians Band Together To Show Support for Muslim Community".

Chickens show solidarity with Foxes?? - CM

'Two Muslim men who have experienced the rising tension in the community since the terrorism threat level was raised, said it is affecting everyone, from their wives and children to the elderly.

'Steve (Steve? - is he a convert? - CM) and Adam from south-west Sydney said they "can feel the tension in the air when you take your kids to the park" (look like a predator, wear the same uniform as the mass-murderers in Iraq, Syria, Somalia and Northern Nigeria, the same beards, the same robes, the same little cap, and you can surely expect the Designated Prey - or those among them who have more brains than the likes of a Ms Leaney - to be keeping a wary eye on you - CM) and there is also a visibly increased presence of the authorities which was making people feel uneasy.

The only people in Australia who ought to feel uneasy at the sight of armed Aussie cops gently strolling the streets, are those who  are Up to No Good. - CM

'In the past week, there have been a string of incidents involving Muslim women being verbally abused in the street (numbers and specifics, please; not rumours; I want to know exactly how many of these "incidents" are claimed to have happened, where and when, and what was said, before I decide whether it qualifies as abuse - CM), cars being vandalised (again, numbers, please; the article about Ms Leaney mentioned a phrase - two words - being painted on one car - not on two, or three, or twenty; and so far as I can see, there have been no  tyres slashed or let down, no windows smashed or panels beaten in, no settings alight such as Muslim mobs have been wont to do to the cars of Infidels in France, around New Year - CM) and mosques and religious buildings being sprayed with graffiti.

So far, going by what has appeared at the ABC news online, only one mosque - or, rather, a residence currently being used as a mosque - has had graffiti painted on a wall.  Not two. Not three. Not ten or twenty. One.  One does not constitute "mosques and religious buildings". - CM

'Muslim community members have said they feel they are the ones being terrorised.

Ah yes, inversion of reality.  To repeat: it is only visibly-Infidel Infidels who would have been grabbed off the streets and ritually murdered.  Any visibly-Muslim Muslims would likely not have had to fear that they might end up starring in a beheading video.  So who has, in fact, been - and is still being - terrorised?  Who is it who knows that, should the authorities have overlooked anything, he or she remains the target?  If even one would-be beheader has slipped the net, then it will not be some hijabette or niqabette or a bearded bloke in white pyjamas who will disappear, but a visibly-Infidel Aussie - perhaps a child in a playground or a grannie toddling down to the shops - who will suddenly be whisked away and Quran-quoting Islamically-dressed Muslims, Muslims, Muslims. - CM

'A 21 year old man has been arrested and charged with being armed with intent to commit an indictable offence after allegedly entering the Al-Faisal School in Minto armed with a knife and asking if it was a "Muslim School".

He did not actually attack anyone, despite having - so far as I can see - as much opportunity to do so, as did the Muslim who nearly killed the two policemen.  The whole episode is very odd. And it is, of course, being milked to the max by the Muslims. - CM

'Steve and Adam have said some of the community have responded by taking off the veil, trimming their beards,or just staying at home and not going out.

Projection.  They're acting as if they think - do they really believe it? -  that the vast mass of ordinary Aussie infidels are suddenly going to run mad and behave as does the Muslim Mob in Jerusalem, Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, and ..basically...just about anywhere else. -  CM

"People on both sides are afraid", said Steve.

The fears of the non-Muslims are much more real than those of the Muslims, at the moment. - CM

'But the men had a message for the rest of the community to "stay calm" and don't react.  

I'd like to know what's being said behind closed doors, when the SMH reporter isn't there, however.  Because when Muslims start claiming that they're being persecuted or 'terrorised' by the non-Muslims, Quran surah 2: 214 - "...for persecution is worse than slaughter" - is never far away from their minds.  - CM

'They said the Muslim community had been through this before, and it would pass.

Lie low and hope that those of the kuffar who have become momentarily alarmed, and suspicious will go back to sleep. - CM

"We don't want something like the Cronulla riots to happen again".

Riots in which Muslims were represented as innocent victims of rabid Australian racists; when in fact, it all started with gross Muslim harassment of Aussie girls at the beach, followed by Muslim bashing of the surf life-saver who tried to rebuke the harassers, followed by an Aussie rally to express disapproval of the bashing of the life-saver; followed by the frenzied "swarming" of Muslim male mobs - rallied by and from the mosques - through a number of non-Muslim suburbs, smashing things left right and centre and from time to time attacking vulnerable Infidels.  The worst of the violence and property damage was perpetrated by the Muslims against the non-Muslims.  That is what one can discover if one sifts, very carefully, through the various accounts.  And if one knows that, then the line "we don't want something like the Cronulla riots to happen again", can be read two ways.  To me, it sounds more like a threat, than anything else. - CM

"We just hope that it goes back to what it was before. (Go to sleeep! Go to sleeep!  Don't listen to what IS say nor cross-check it in the Sira, the Hadiths, the Quran or the translated-into-English books about sharia that you can find on the shelves of every suburban Islamic bookshop...- CM).  We don't want anything to implode (another veiled threat? - CM), we love this country, we just want to live in this great country", they said.

Oh, I'm sure the Muslims love the country. Very nice piece of real estate, Australia; rich and well-ordered, all those houses and farms and shops, a pirate's dream of plunder.  But what about the people, those 21.5 million dirty infidels - black white and brown, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Sikh, animist, atheist, agnostic?  Do you love the people? - CM

'Their comments come as Australians (well: some Australians, those who have entirely taken leave of their commonsense - CM) have banded together to demonstrate their support for the Muslim community by organising solidarity marches, setting up social media accounts, and donning the hijab in public.  Thousands of people have joined efforts to promote social harmony (sic: abject dhimmitude - CM), including a social media campaign called Women in Solidarity With Hijabis (WISH).

'The campaign, which was inspired by a non-Muslim woman named Ruth who put on a hijab and posted her photo online, took off last week and within three days the Facebook page had more than 7000 likes.

'Muslim women commenting on the page were grateful for the gesture, saying it was appreciated especialy given that women wearing the hijab are bearing the brunt of public anti-Muslim sentiment.

Wear the Allah Gang colours, get looked at funny by those non-gangsters who are smart enough to know that they and theirs are the object of the Gang's implacable hostility and will-to-destroy. - CM

'In other initiatives a new Facebook page called "Australian Non-Muslims Supporting Muslim" (Translation: Useful Idiots - CM) which began last week, already has almost 6000 members.  The organisers said "the Islamophobia and discrimination encountered every day by Muslims living in Australia is unacceptable".

Sorry, guys, but if I see someone in the costume of the Allah Gang, there is nothing on earth that can make me not feel rational unease.  Because.. I. have. read. their. book. The book that Geert Wilders, truthfully, has summed up as "a license to kill".  - CM

'Sally Balkan, a Buddhist (I assume she knows nothing whatsoever about the millions of Buddhists who have been, historically, obliterated by Muslims waging jihad?  Does she even know, or care, about the Buddhist schoolteachers and Buddhist monks who have been bushwhacked by Muslim ghazi raiders in Thailand?  What of the University of Nalanda? Or the Bamiyan Buddhas? - CM) is coordinating a solidarity march to take place in each state early next month, where people from different faiths and backgrounds can march in support of the Muslim community.

Oh. dear. - CM

"We refuse to hate each other", she told Fairfax Media.

Reasonable self-defence and awareness of a real and increasing danger are not the same thing as hate. - CM

'Community Relations Commission chief executive Hakan Harman said people "need to stand by each other, speak out against hate and violence, and report any incidents of harassment, intimidation or vilification".

It would be interesting to find out whether merely bringing certain (or, indeed, a great many) verses of the Quran to public attention - in a manner critical of the content of said verses - would be classified as 'harassment, intimidation or vilification". - CM

'Mr Harman said the actions of a few dangerous individuals should not prevent people from treating each other with respect and humanity".

More than "a few", by now.  The Muslim community seems to keep on producing dangerous individuals of a certain type; over and over and over, in the course of the past ten years or so, as plot after plot after plot has been exposed and, fortunately, foiled; and as one Aussie-passport-holding jihadi after another has trotted off to wallow in the bloodbath in Syria and Iraq. - CM

'His comments come as 250 mosques around the country delivered a united message through their imams.

Hmm. That's a remarkable degree of coordination. Would the Christians or the Buddhists be as coordinated as that? - CM

'Organised by the Australian National Imams Council, the message to the congregations was that the "protection of human life is one of the five basic rights in Islam and as a Muslim we have a duty to protect humanity".

But in classical Islam the life of a non-Muslim is deemed to be of lesser value than that of a Muslim.  And in the traditional Muslim state the dhimmi was "protected" if and only if he paid the jizya which compensated his muslim overlords for not having exercised their right to kill him.  If he did not pay the jizya or if he or any other dhimmi in any way broke - or was claimed to have broken, and such claims were frequently fabricated throughout the history of Islamic countries - any one of the many rules devised to degrade and humiliate, then he and his community forfeit their meagre "protection" and became lawful prey.  - CM

'ANIC general manager Samir Bennegadi said the sermons denounced the so-called fatwa from overseas targeting Australia, saying it has no religious authority and reiterating that the horrors conducted overseas in the name of religion are crimes against humanity and sins against God."

The Useful Idiots, the dozy bints like Ms Leaney and Ms Ruth Balkan and the rest, will believe every word of those sermons. Those of us who've read the Quran and done a little further reading are less inclined to be trusting.  For we know that everything that Islamic State is doing is perfectly consonant with the instructions in the canonical Islamic texts and with the sacralised example of Mohammed.  

And now, to complete the collection, the doziest of bints: three Australian-born infidel-background females who have done perhaps the worst, most dangerous and most foolish thing that any woman on earth can do; they have converted to Islam.  All three of them are spinning the Muslim victim narrative as assiduously as if they had been born and brought up to do it.  As seen in South Australia's "Sunday Mail", on September 28, Elisa Black reporting.

'South Australian Muslim Converts Kathryn Jones, Nadine Imran and Hannah Skara Speak of Their Fears'.

'We drank coffee and talked about the kind of stuff women talk about when they get together - work, study, our partners, our kids, and the best places to buy nice undies.

'We also talked about last Friday when a stranger (so they say - CM) told them they should hang themselves.

Did they record this alleged exchange? - CM

'These South Australian women - no different to (sic: from - CM) you or I - also happen to be Muslim, and they say the past week has left them feeling more alienated in their own country than even during the period following September 11 when anti-Muslim rhetoric ran rife.

Alienated? By joining the Ummah or transnational Mohammedan Mob, which knows no loyalty except to itself and to its allah and its "prophet", these three women have alienated themselves from all non-Muslim Australians and from the Infidel nation-state that is Australia. They have cut themselves off from the Dar al Harb and attached themselves to the Dar al Islam, the zone of Submission, of Submission to allah, to the example of Mohammed the warlord, to the sharia, the Total System that is Islam, which does not recognise the right to life, liberty or property of any Infidel on the face of the earth.  Here is a passage from the Sira of Ibn Ishaq, the canonical Life of Mohammed - "Muslims are one ummah (community) to the exclusion of all men.  Believers are friends of one another, to the exclusion of all outsiders". And again, "Men, do you know what you are pledging yourselves to, in swearing allegiance to this man (Mohammed?). - Yes. In swearing allegiance to him we are pledging to wage war against all mankind." - CM

'Kathryn Jones, 45, Nadine Imran, 27, and Hannah Skara, 19, are all Muslim converts.

'Despite popular public sentiment, none of the women chose to become Muslim because of the pressure of a man, and all converted when single.

'Kathryn, a community development worker and mother of five (I wonder whether she has managed to drag her children into Islam as well? - I hope not - CM) converted 19 years ago (that would be in 1995 - CM) after becoming fascinated by the connections between the Quran and embryology.

???? !!!! She cannot have had much of a grounding in medicine, let alone in good solid old-fashioned science, if she was convinced by the sort of apologetics that tries to fool people into believing that this or that modern western scientific discovery can somehow be found - was somehow previously coded into - the Quran. - CM

'Nadine, a former lawyer, Masters of education student, and mother of two, who emigrated from Ireland almost a year ago, comes from a strict Catholic family who struggled with her choice to follow Islam.

They 'struggled'.  But I am sure she does not fear they might send a hitman after her to kill her for abandoning her Catholic faith; whereas, if the position was reversed, if a girl from a strict Muslim family - say, like Rifqa Bary in the USA, or 'Hannah Shah' in the UK, were to convert to Catholic Christianity, it is almost certain that the family - or someone else from the Muslim 'community' - would come after her to kill her.  I wonder whether any one of these three dozy bints knew about the apostasy law of Islam, before they converted?  Leave...and you get killed.  It certainly doesn't look as though the interviewer, Elisa Black, had any idea of it at all.  Imagine if she brought along a copy of Patrick Sookhdeo's "Freedom to Believe" and asked them whether they agreed with the apostasy law. - CM

'Hannah, who has recently qualified as a pastry chef, is the most recent convert, and found her Croatian Catholic parents were confused by her choice.

"Confused" is probably putting it mildly. Croatians, like other inhabitants of the Balkans, endured the seven hells of dhimmitude under Turkish Muslim rule for generations.  If this woman's parents - who are Catholics, so they presumably descend from people who clung to their faith in prior centuries, rather than give up, give in, and convert to Islam - know anything at all about the pre-modern history of their country, they must be feeling deeply betrayed by their daughter's stupidity.  Yet again, I'd say she doesn't have to fear they might come after her to kill her; as the Muslim parents of an apostate child might very likely do. - CM

'She has worn the hijab, or head covering, for about two years.

So she converted when she was, perhaps, 17?  Internet dawa? High school dawa? - CM

'Hannah and Nadine were crossing Glenelg's Mosley Square after a morning walk on the beach last week when they were approached by an irate man hurling abuse.

"He told us we should hang ourselves for what we were wearing and that we should go back to our own countries", Hannah said.

"When I told him I was born here he got up really close and said that I should be even more ashamed of myself for having a Christian background".

Yes, she should. She's abandoned the real religion of peace and has embraced the Religion of Blood and War. CM

"Then he told us we look like terrorists".

More precisely, you look, my dears, like the camp followers of terrorists. Like jihad tarts, jihad groupies.  And women in the Gang Uniform you've adopted were much in evidence at that big riot in Sydney two years ago; one was standing beside a child holding a placard that threatened beheading for anyone who insulted Mohammed. - CM

'Following the September 18 terror raids across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, the women say they have faced more open anger, hostility and aggression than ever before.

Well? What do they expect? It would be surprising if they hadn't.  Doesn't it occur to them that people might look at them and wonder, "Would that woman watch while I was being beheaded?"  "Would she approve?" "Would she ululate "allah akbar" and hand round the candy?"  Because we know from enough news stories, and other testimony, by now, that women wearing the Slave Rag have done just that. - CM

'They say they have friends who are frightened to leave their homes.

Drama queens. What about elderly Aussie grannies, or young mums who normally go to the park with their kids, who are asking themselves whether in fact all the would-be beheaders have been stopped.  And who may be hesitating to leave their homes.  Out of a real, fact-based fear; knowing that there are people out there, in their own suburbs or cities, who actively wish them ill.  -  CM 

"It's the worst I've experienced in 19 years, even worse than after September 11, the Bali Bombings, and when John Howard started asking people to report suspicious behaviour in 2005", Kathryn said.

What happened in 2005, to prompt him to do this? Oh, I recall: the mass-murderous Muslim bombings of the London buses and trains.  Does Kathryn mean to imply then-PM Howard should not have told people to look out for and report suspicious behaviour?  That we should all just pretend the Global Jihad isn't happening? - CM

"People are looking at gruesome beheadings online (which were performed by Muslims, and posted by Muslims, for the delectation of other Muslims...except that now non-Muslims know about them, and the more curious and strongest of stomach have forced themselves to watch, and been appalled - CM) and politicians say there are people here who want to behead Australians."

Well, milady, Quran surah 47.4 does instruct Muslims to "strike at their (the unbelievers') necks" (or, in other translations, to strike off their heads).  And there would be no gruesome beheadings for horrified Infidel explorers of the internets to look at, if Muslims would refrain from kidnapping people and sawing off their heads, and videoing the process and proudly circulating it, accompanied by threats and boasting of the most blood-curdling sort.  Oh, and I observe that you imply, by your words "politicians say", that you think it's all lies?  That there was no plot? That it's merely infidel politicians saying nasty things about the poor innocent Muslims, in order to stir people up?  Sorry, my dear, but I'm not buying your line in nonsense and lies, today.  - CM

"I have seen people look at me with sheer terror".

Own up to it, milady; you're enjoying this, aren't you?  It's fun, isn't it, to frighten people?  To have that power?  Wear the Gang Outfit, and see the fear in their eyes...- CM

"I had a woman at Coles tell me I should take off my hijab until this all blows over.

But will it "blow over"? What happens if, this time around, despite the best efforts of all the useful idiots, a whole extra cohort of Aussies gets curious, and hits google and other search engines, and visits an Islamic bookshop or two, and cracks open a Quran, and uses their commonsense and powers of reasoning?  Then you'll get more people looking at you funny - or with a strange mixture of pity, anger and cool detachment - a look that says, "I know what you're up to, and I don't like it". - CM

"People need to know that what is happening has nothing to do with Islam".

Liar, liar, pants on fire. Islamic State has everything to do with Islam. So do beheadings, kidnappings, mass murder, holding-to-ransom, rapes and enslavement.  All of those things were done by Mohammed and his companions, and by the four caliphs who followed him; all of them have been done by the most pious and zealous and best-instructed Mohammedans - steeped in the texts of Islam - throughout the whole of the 1400 years that Islam has been spreading desolation and delusion across a large swath of the world. - CM

'But Kathryn also said the past week has brought out some of the very best in South Australians, has shown her the kindness of strangers.

Or just how wilfully naive some people can be. - CM

"The people who may have sat back and thought they didn't agree with the negative comments in the past are also stepping up and saying they don't agree with the hate and they are sorry", she said.

I'd like to know exactly what, for this woman, and the other two, constitutes a "negative comment" and what constitutes "hate". Would it be hateful, for example, in her eyes, if another woman said that she found the story of Mohammed's "marital" rape of poor little nine -year-old Aisha, and the use of that story to sacralise forced child marriages here and now within many Muslim communities, to be simply disgusting, indeed, evil? - CM

"This is giving us all an opportunity to build bridges".

To engage in dawa.  Good god. - CM

'The three women said they had chosen to forgo the niqab - the veil that some Muslim women wear across their faces - because they saw it as their duty to try and bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Oh, how noble of them to "forgo" the Slave Mask.  - CM

"I feel as an Australian I have a responsibility", Kathryn said.  "If people can see my face, they feel more comfortable to talk to me".

And then she has an opening to try to sucker them into Islam, or into thinking that Islam is not a threat...All for the Cause, the Cause of Allah.  Question: how would this woman react to the prospect of a ban on the Slave Mask?  No niqab, no burka. No Muslim woman permitted to hide her face from the Infidels, when out in public?  Why didn't the reporter ask her about that?  If she knows it's easier for people to relate to her if her face is not covered, then she ought to be all in favour of a burqa and niqab ban...yes or no? - -CM

"I advised all the women in the Migrant Women's Group I work with, to just smile. 

Does this woman know the Hadith that says, "We smile at some people, though our hearts hate them?"  Is she aware of Quran 3: 28 and the classical tafsir of Al-Tabari and of Ibn Kathir upon that passage, which advises Muslims, when in a position of weakness, to protect themselves from the surrounding infidels "through outward show".  - CM

'The more others know we are just humans, the more they have the confidence to ask us questions".

But what sort of answers are you giving them, milady?  Yep, this is all about dawa. - CM

"I think the best thing is if we just live our normal lives with smiles on our dials.  People fear the unknown, we need to break through that fear and talk".

Sometimes, the more you get to know about something, the more you fear it, not the less.  Unless one is evil, or a fool, one becomes more - not less - wary of Islam and of Muslims the more one knows about it and them. - CM

'After last Friday's verbal attack, Nadine and Hannah said they were approached by other people too.

"After what happened to us, people came up to see if we were OK.", Nadine said. "They told us we should hold our heads high".

Kinda sorta like telling a Hitler sympathiser in 1938 that he or she should proudly flaunt that Swastika armband...? - CM





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