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Monday, 29 September 2014
Police Raids in Australia: Melbourne-Resident Muslim Accused of Funding Jihad in Syria

The story broke this morning.

Two reports from the ABC online.

"Counter-terrorism raids carried out in Melbourne by AFP and Victoria Police'.

'Officers from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Victoria Police are carrying out counter-terrorism raids across several suburbs in Melbourne.

'The AFP said it was conducting search warrants in Seabrook, Kealba, Meadow Heights, Broadmeadows and Flemington.

Flemington is better known as the location of the Flemington Race-course where the Melbourne Cup is run each year. - CM

'One man has been arrested at a property in Seabrook as part of the operation.

'The AFP said the raids were not related to last week's stabbing of two police officers and subsequent shooting of Numan Haider.

"This operational activity is not in response to a threat to public safety nor is it related to last week's incident at Endeavour Hills", the AFP said in a statement.

However: Numan Haider is a Muslim who attacked two non-Muslim police officers and tried to kill them; those whose plot to behead Australian infidels was - so we hope - disrupted and foiled, in the past two weeks, were all Muslims and their hatred of Infidels was in accord with the core teachings of Islam; and the man who has just been arrested was, as we shall see, engaged in supporting the bloody Jihad in Syria.  All these "incidents", though not formally related to each other - at present it appears that the various Muslims involved may not have known each other nor been consciously coordinating their efforts - are the fruit of the same tree: Islam. - CM

"The Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police Joint Counter Terrorism Team can confirm that a number of search warrants are being conducted as part of an operation in the following suburbs: Seabrook, Kealba, Meadow Heights, Broadmeadows and Flemington.  While this activity is continuing no further comment will be made".

'Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Graham Ashton and AFP Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan are expected to hold a press conference about the raids later this morning.

'The raids came less than three weeks after Australia's terrorism alert level was raised to high, meaning an attack is likely, though authorities said they did not know of a specific threat.

'Prime Minister Tony Abbott said security agencies had recommended the increased threat level because of the number of Australians (sic: he should have said, "Australian-passport-holding Muslims" - CM) "fighting with and supporting" terrorist groups in the Middle East.

'Earlier this month more than 800 police conducted synchronised raids of houses and vehicles in Sydney and Brisbane.

'Around eight plain and uniformed officers, mainly from the AFP, as well as a sniffer dog (Infidel man's best friend - CM), were involved in today's operation at Seabrook.

'Meanwhile, Federal Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt said he was seeking a briefing about the raids, which happened in his electorate of Flemington.  "If those raids took place where I suspect they might have, it's potentially within 500 metres from my house", Mr Bandt said. "I want to find out what is happening in Melbourne".

It gets personal when it's that close to home, doesn't it, Mr Bandt?  Now, do please open up a Quran, Mr Bandt.  The old Yusuf Ali translation, or N Dawood's (Penguin books) will do as well as any, for now.  Start with Surahs 8 and 9 - note especially 9.5, sometimes called "the verse of the sword", and 9.29 - then skip to Surah 47.4, and observe the command to "strike at their necks" - and then you could have a look at 3.28 which forbids friendship with non-Muslims unless it is feigned, for Muslim self-protection, and at 48.29, which says Muslims are "harsh" to the unbelievers - that's you and me, Mr Bandt, you and me - and "compassionate" (sic: though the bloodbath in Syria between Sunnis and Shiites isn't much of an advertisement) only to one another. 

And now to report number 2, on the arrest that has taken place, with an obligatory soundbite from a shocked non-Muslim neighbour who is insisting that the arrested man was such a nice fellow!

'Anti-Terror Raids, Melbourne: Man Accused of Sending Funds to Syria Fighter'

'A man is to be charged with making funds available to a terrorist organisation after more than 100 federal and state officers raided properties across Melbourne.

More than 100, eh?  Raids in five suburbs. If one site raided per suburb, that's twenty men assigned to each job.  Sudden deployment of overwhelming force, that's the way to head off trouble from the Mohammedan Mob. - CM

'Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan said the 23 year old man was arrested for allegedly providing $12,000 to a US citizen fighting in Syria.

"I can confirm a 23 year old man from Seabrook will be charged with intentionally making funds available to a terrorist organisation, knowing that organisation was a terrorist organisation", Assistant Commissioner Gaughan said.

'The Assistant Commissioner said the arrest came after a tip-off from the FBI.

Thank you, Uncle Sam.  Looks as though not everyone in your intelligence and law enforcement has entirely lost the plot. - CM

"The search warrants were the culmination of an 8-month investigation which began following information provided by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation", he said.

'The AFP said it had been conducting seven search warrants in Seabrook, Kealba, Meadow Heights, Broadmeadows and Flemington...

"There is no information or intelligence to indicate that this man was involved in planning an attack, nor are there any known links to the 18 year old man involved in last week's Endeavour Hills incident," the Assistant Commissioner said.

"There can be no doubt that law enforcement and security agencies are currently operating in a complex environment and there has been heightened operational activity in the last 12 months".

The Jihad, both without and within, is hotting up. - CM

'Assistant Commissioner Gaughan said police had confiscated electronic evidence as part of the raids.

I wonder how many beheading videos they'll have to wade through?  - CM

"there was a large amount of electronic evidence seized during the search warrants and that will be analysed by our investigators in the coming months to get more evidence in relation to the commission of this offence", he said.

"For privacy reasons, we won't go into the details of the background of the gentleman (sic - CM) involved this morning"...

I can, however, confidently predict that he is not an atheist, nor an agnostic, nor a Jew nor a Christian nor a Buddhist nor a Hindu.  He will be a Muslim. - CM

"About eight plain and uniformed officers, mainly from the AFP, as well as a sniffer dog (excellent; always check for explosives and illegal drugs - CM) were involved in today's operation at Seabrook.

'Forensic officers arrived at the Seabrook property just before 11 am (AEST).

'Neighbours said the man who was arrested had lived in the neighbourhood for two or three years.

'Herve Du Buisson Berrine, who has lived in Seabrook for 16 years, said he was very surprised by the arrest of his neighbour.

You should not be, mate.  Your neighbour was a Muslim..- CM

"They're very friendly neighbours and he's a friendly guy too, he speaks to me almost every day, says hello", he said.

Nobody these days seems to know their Chaucer - "the smyler with the knyf under the cloke" - or their Shakespeare - "a man may smile, and smile, and smile, and be a villain".  And people have forgotten their Bible, which warns of "wolves in sheep's clothing" and reminds us that "Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light".  If they did, they might be less gullible, less naive - and less prone to being surprised and shocked when a seemingly nice, smiling neighbour turns out to have been, say, sending money off to the kinds of people who enjoy beheading bound captives whilst shrieking "Allahu akhbar".  - CM

'He also said the raids have had an impact on the neighbourhood...".

It is the currently-still-increasing influx of Muslims into that neighbourhood, and into many others around Australia, that is having an "impact"...and not for the better. 

Final thought: of late, there have been police raids on private homes of jihad plotters or jihad supporters, and an Islamic bookshop was raided.  But when will AFP and our metropolitan police find that loose thread that, when pulled, leads straight to the mosque/s?  And if it did, would they be brave enough to follow that lead... and raid the mosques (and shut them down, after?).  There are - so it was casually mentioned in another news item I read lately - 250 mosques in Australia at last count. All over the country.  I wonder how many of them, behind closed doors, when the kuffar are not listening, are preaching the duty of jihad and the duty of observing - and imposing - the sharia, "commanding right and forbidding wrong" (wrong, and right, being Islamically defined; which means they have little congruence with what non-Muslims think of as right and wrong).  This man who has just been arrested...what mosque or mosques has he attended, in the course of his 23 years?   And is that mosque - or those mosques - being investigated?  - CM

Posted on 09/29/2014 9:06 PM by Christina McIntosh
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