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Tuesday, 30 September 2014
Are We Making Progress? – A Conservative Estimate

by Graham Cunningham (October 2014)

A chance conversation with a colleague, a few days ago, about some latest manifestation of political correctness: “The trouble with you conservatives” he said “is that it’s all doom and gloom with you. You’re addicted to it.” My initial reaction: “Me?..gloomy!...Breath of Spring, Me.” But then, on reflection, the thought occurred that maybe he had a point.  more>>>

Posted on 09/30/2014 7:30 AM by NER
22 Oct 2014
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Johann is close to the mark. Freak show indeed! Excess is a virus that disables either end of the political spectrum. True conservatism is about restraint and reflection. With apologies to Hegel, and more recently Fukuyama, a true conservative does not confuse the passage of time with progress.

9 Oct 2014
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Enjoyed article and found the premise about conservatives being gloomy and progressives being happy a little bit much.  However, as a conservative I find the idea that so much good is happening in what we still call the West as bogus.  As I  read read in anter conservative blog; why should we conservatives really care about what is going on in this 24/7 Porno Freak show called the West.