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Tuesday, 30 September 2014
Sister Rose and Sea Wife

by G. Murphy Donovan (October 2014)

“No one ever looks at a nun’s face.” – JM Scott

Nuns are a curiosity today. In another time, girls for whatever reasons were given over to convents for a life of prayer or good works. If the candidates were young enough, notions of choice were probably very elastic. Vocations are few in the modern cloister - and few orders of good sisters would tolerate or encourage any coercion by families or sponsors anyway.  more>>>

Posted on 09/30/2014 8:17 AM by NER
12 Feb 2016
Send an emailCorby Lyons O'Connor
Hello, I came across your articles while googling for information about Our Lady of Solace, which I attended. I grew up on Holland Avenue, two houses up from the candy store on the corner of Morris Park. I enjoyed your comments about the Step Inn and others. I have great memories of those days!

20 Oct 2014
Send an emailg murphy donovan
Lack of stress probably helps, Paddy. Stress is the prelude or constant companion of all illness. Faith, hope, and charity are not called cardinal virtues for nothing. They are surely a wellspring for mystics as well as the antidote for stress. Indeed, the reflective life is often a long one. 

19 Oct 2014
What an interesting article. The nuns who are left all seem to live into their 90's...or beyond.  They apparently have found a peace that eludes most of humanity. They're a wonderful. example to a world gone mad.

13 Oct 2014
Send an emailg murphy donovan

Yeah,  I don't remember seeing that film, but I will, Huston and Mitchem are always worth the time. 

7 Oct 2014
Send an emailD Kerr
"......heaven knows, Mr Allison....."