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Sunday, 26 October 2014
Australia: More On The Case of That Lebanese Muslim "Student" Who "Married" a 12-Year-Old Girl

The poor child in the case is the daughter of an Australian man who had converted to Islam. Two reports, one from the ABC and one from the Daily Mail which has picked up on the story.  Neither report mentions the example set for all time for all pious Muslims by Mohammed whose child-bride Aisha was taken to his bed at the ripe old age of nine

"Detention centre detainee admits sexually abusing 12 year old "wife" after Islamic wedding"

"A Villawood Detention Centre detainee has pleaded guilty to the persistent sexual abuse of a 12 year old girl he married in an Islamic ceremony.

"The Lebanese man, 27, was on a student visa when he married the girl in the New South Wales Hunter Valley in January.

Perhaps Australia should start thinking twice about granting student visas to Muslims. - CM

'He was charged with more than 20 counts of having sex with a child under 14.

'Burwood Local Court heard prosecutors had rolled those charges into the single charge of the "persistent sexual abuse of a child."

'The man, who cannot be named, faced court via video link and his solicitor entered a guilty plea on his behalf.

'The matter will return to court next week to set a sentencing date.

'The man faces a maximum jail sentence of 25 years.

After which, being a non-citizen, he can and should be deported.  But while in prison, he should be confined separately from all non-Muslim prisoners, so as to minimise the chances of his conducting "prison dawa".  Though, given that he is known to have repeatedly bedded a twelve-year-old, he is likely to be despised in prison by all except those persons who have an unhealthy preference for very, very young girls. - CM

'The court previously heard that the girl's father gave permission for the marriage.

'The father is still before the courts on separate charges.

What puzzles me is that in none of the reports on this case have I heard one single word said about the girl's mother.- CM

'A Muslim cleric who carried out the ceremony was fined $ 500 (that fine should have been much, much bigger - CM) and deported to Pakistan.

Good riddance.- CM

'The girl, who had since turned 13, and her younger sister, were in the care of the Department of Family and Community Services."

One hopes that they will be kept far, far away from the turned-Muslim pimp-"father" and from any and all other members of the Muslim Mob. 

And now to the Daily Mail report, for all the damning detail that the ABC's reporter and/ or editors primily omitted but which were retained by the Australian Associated Press.

'Man pleads builty to persistent sexual abuse of a child in Sydney District Court'.

'A man (that is: a Muslim man - CM) charged with having sex witha 12 year old girl whom he "married" in NSW is set to be sentenced next year.

Not only did he get the delicious young flesh; the girl, after a few years, was probably supposed to be a means to his acquisition of Australian citizenship. - CM

'There was a long silence at Sydney's District Court on Friday when the 27 year old, who cannot be named, was asked to stand and formally enter a plea.

'The man hwas been charged with having sexual intercourse with the girl on at least 3 occasions between January 11 and February 5 this year at Raymond Terrace in the Hunter and elsewhere in Sydney.

'After he failed to get a response from the man, Judge Norman Delaney said, "I will ask the question again, "How do you plead, guilty or not guilty?"

"Guilty", the man eventually replied, through an interpreter.

He was allowed into Australia as a "student", without, it appears, having anything like a passable command of English? - CM

'Police allege the man married the girl in an Islamic ceremony in January.

The man has had his student visa cancelled (I should think so! - CM) and is now in immigration detention in Villawood.

'The girl's father has also been charged over the "marriage", with the court hearing the 27 year old (that is, the Muslim to whom the girl's father pimped her out - CM) due to give evidence at a trial into the matter next year.

'Police allege he organised his daughter's marriage to the Lebanese immigrant because he wanted to stop her from "committing a life of sin".

She was only twelve.  The father's overheated imagination, stoked by the misogyny of his adopted cult, disgusts. - CM

'He has been charged with procuring a child under 14 for unlawful sexual activities and being an accessory before the fact to sexual intercourse with a person under 14.

'Court documents say the Hunter Valley girl met the 27 year old student at a mosque (which mosque? - and why is it still operating? - CM) last year, after he approached her father and asked to meet her.

What sane Infidel father would hasten to push his little twelve-year-old daughter into the arms of a creepy foreign guy in his late twenties who came hanging around wanting an introduction to said daughter?  Islam does something to the intellect and to the morals, and it ain't pretty. - CM

'Police allege the young girl's father (and where in all of this mess is the mother? dead? divorced? non-custodial? - CM) enabled his daughter's sexual assault by organising the unlawful marriage - including allowing them to swap phone numbers and meet three times in the family home before the ceremony.

'The couple spent their wedding night at a motel in the Hunter region where they had sex several times, police allege.

Alternatively, one might have written, "The man took the girl to a motel in the Hunter region and there raped her several times."  Because if the girl in a case like this is below the age of consent - waaay below the age of consent - then it is statutory rape.  One does wonder who owns or runs the motel, and whether they did or did not notice any ...disturbing...disparity between the ages of the couple booking in. - CM

'A week after the wedding the father asked the girl's older siblings to put two single mattresses next to each other to make a queen size bed so the couple had a bed in the family home.

This story just gets creepier and creepier. - CM

'The imam who performed the ceremony pleaded guilty to solemnising the marriage and was fined $500 after.

'In court documents it is claimed that since the marriage the pair engaged in sexual activities on a daily basis (that is: the man raped the girl daily - CM) until February when their relationship was discovered by a Centrelink worker, when the man tried to get registered as the girl's legal guardian in order to obtain welfare benefits.

This man got busted, by someone who smelt a rat and was not afraid to follow through.  But one wonders just how many other creepy non-citizen Muslim males in Australia - and in other parts of the western world - have managed to get away with similar ugliness; Islamic "marriage" to and rape of underaged female citizens, and then the use of the girl they are regularly raping, as a means by which to rake in welfare payments. - CM

"The girl has expressed a strong desire to start a family with the [then] 26 year old"., the police report states."

Really?  This is mind-boggling. She was twelve when, presumably, she said that; she has just recently turned 13.  How thorough an Islamic brainwashing has she undergone??  There's no mention, in any account I have seen, as to when exactly this girl's father converted to Islam, or where her mother is (and whether the mother is Muslim or non-Muslim), let alone who or where are her father's non-Muslim kin (and mother's, if mother was non-Muslim) and why it is that the girl seems to have been exclusively under the control of her father, and whether the girl identifies herself as a Muslim...bearing in mind the degree of compulsion that might be exercised by a Muslim father and a Muslim "husband" over a girl of twelve.  If she does identify as a Muslim it should be made plain to her that she does not have to remain a Muslim; that she should seriously consider leaving the cult, and that if she does leave she will be protected from harm.  Frankly, she needs to be exposed to people who know something about cult deprogramming. - CM


Posted on 10/26/2014 10:54 PM by Christina McIntosh
27 Oct 2014
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I appreciate the dialogue (your sane comments juxtaposed to an insane reality). I would point out that one kind of "rape" doesn't preclude the other. By definition he committed statutatory rape because an underaged girl cannot give legal consent. But he might also have committed rape by penetrating her against her will, which is a crime no matter the victim's age. Statutory rape seems too benign a term for what happened, even though it is legally sound. Good grief. I can't believe we're reduced to talking about sexual slavery in our own society.